Farrah Abraham Jumps On A Bed & Throws Pillows While Flaunting Her Bra During A Rambunctious Moment In Dubai

Farrah Abraham took part in the 71st Emmy Awards
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Farrah Abraham often takes to social media, sometimes in weird ways and often by mangling certain words. For instance, on New Year’s Eve, she showed up in a Dubai hotel to jump on a bed and throw pillows in a far-fetched comedic video. The short film, which the former Teen Mom OG shared on her Instagram account, documented Farrah as she pretended to wake up and stretch with her head on a pillow and her arms in the air.

Then she suddenly threw the blankets off herself and lifted a naked leg to stretch that limb as well. Although she did not appear to be suffering from the dreaded bed-head, Farrah’s long brown locks — which had been parted in the middle — were wavy and a bit messy. Many strands fell down in front of her, hitting her chest while the rest trailed down her back.

Next, the reality television star grabbed a couple of pillows as she bounced up and down on top of the bed. She did this for a while before tossing one pillow after the other toward the camera. At that point in the social media video, Farrah’s long-sleeved nightshirt fell open so her bra and panties were visible.

After the pillow throwing, the 28-year-old comedian in training walked forward and jumped off the bottom of the bed, landing on the floor. She did this while she shimmied, a movement that caused her bountiful breasts to jiggle. At that point, the mother of one went into full-on dancing mode as the video came to an end.

Many of Farrah’s 2 million Instagram followers seemed amused and even a bit disconcerted by her latest update. More than 18,000 pushed “like” on the post while 250-plus social media users wrote something in response to the post.

Some dropped emoji — like the symbols for oranges and fire — into the comments section. Still, others simply used their words to convey how they felt about what the reality star had offered her fans the day before the year 2020 arrived.

“I’m lit-ra-ly embarrassed for you. you look ridiculous lol,” remarked one Instagram user, who added a crying-laughing emoji and a vomiting face emoji.

“This is so cringy like.. This video wouldn’t be so bad for a single woman doing her thing…until I noticed she tagged her daughter. Which seems morally incorrect,” stated a second follower.

“You are definitely not 28. Mentally your 18. Your posts are getting more and more juvenile and immature. So weird,” said a third follower.

Other followers did not find fault with Farrah’s brief romp.

“Amazing.. Happy New Year.. you earned it!” one kind soul told Farrah.