‘BioShock: Infinite’ Coming To Mac This Summer

BioShock Infinite coming to Mac

BioShock: Infinite is coming to Mac computers this summer. The game has been getting a ton of press as people anxiously await the newest iteration of the series to hit their PCs and consoles. Now Aspyr Media has announced that even more players will be able to get their mitts on the game.

This iteration of the series features you needing to catch a girl named Elizabeth and turn her in to a cabal of shady villains. You owe this group some money and they appear to make it clear that if you don’t bring them Elizabeth then you will die instead.

The title continues the long running alternate reality, steam punk world that has introduced players to all kinds of new and different villains. There are also a ton of weapons that no one has ever seen on this particular world featured in the game.

BioShock: Infinite is going to be released on the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 and PC on March 26, but Mac gamers will have to wait a bit longer to get their hooks into the title. Aspyr is no rookie when it comes to handling porting hot games over to Mac operating systems.

While they were not the company that ported the first two BioShock titles to Mac, they were responsible for bringing Call of Duty, Borderlands and the Civilization series over the the Apple OS.

The excitement for this particular game has been bigger than it has been for almost any other BioShock game. All the games in the series have been popular but this title won best in show at ES 2011 and has earned itself more than 75 editorial awards.

While people who are looking to be playing the game on the Mac will indeed have to wait a few more months, the fact that it is coming to the Mac at all only means that the game is going to be that much popular.

Are you going to play BioShock:Infinite on the Mac?