Instagram Hottie Gabby Epstein Greets The New Year By Flaunting Her Booty In A Tiny Bikini

Gabby Epstein attends event in Miami
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Instagram hottie Gabby Epstein welcomed in the new year by posting a photo of herself wearing nothing but a skimpy blue thong.

Gabby’s 2.3 million followers were happy to ogle her perky pear-shaped behind. Aside from a thong, it doesn’t look like the stunner wore anything else.

A faint tan line from a bikini top is visible on her upper back in the photo below. Thanks to her topless sunbathing, Gabby is sporting a near-perfect tan all over her body and majority of her bronzed skin is visible from head-to-toe.

Not only does her booty look incredible, but Gabby’s long, slender legs are also especially marvelous in her latest snapshot.

The blond bombshell stood between several trees while facing the gorgeous deep blue sea before her, letting her ample curves become the center of attention.

Instead of accessorizing, Gabby opted for a more natural look. She walked barefoot on the dirt path. Shavings from the trees littered the ground around her. It looks like she decided to spend the beginning of the year vacationing in a tropical paradise, although she doesn’t indicate where the photo was taken.

She wore her long blond hair pinned back, with her beach waves softly rustled by the wind.

The model shared her latest image less than an hour ago and it already received more than 24,500 likes and over 200 comments. Fans are going wild over the impressive photograph.

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hi 2020

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The majority of comments under Gabby’s photograph were complimentary. Some people also stopped by to wish the model a Happy New Year. Others just added emoji to express themselves. The most commonly used emoji were hearts, flowers, flames, and heart-eyes.

Swim Society founder Montana Brown commented, “Go on hun.”

“The best view is u,” wrote one fan. They also added several purple hearts to their statement.

“Flip flops must be a must next time,” said one person in reference to Gabby’s bare feet.

“Starting fires wer ever she goes,” mentioned a third fan.

“That is a beautiful color blue! I can’t believe water can be that blue!” exclaimed another awestruck admirer.

A few days ago, Gabby impressed her followers with a casual, yet still glamorous, photo of herself relaxing in blue jeans and a strapless black top. The Inquisitr reported that the statuesque beauty wore her hair curled and down. She also adorned her hands with several rings and bracelets. The older picture was far less revealing than the one shown above but still showcased her immeasurable beauty.