Niece Waidhofer Sizzles In New Photo Of Herself On Top Of A Bed In A Frayed Sweater And Little Else

Niece Waidhofer poses for a selfie on Instagram
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Brunette bombshell Niece Waidhofer wasted no time stunning her followers in 2020. On New Year’s Day, the gorgeous model posted a sexy photograph of herself wearing a frayed sweater and little else on Instagram.

Niece’s sweater slipped off her shoulder to reveal her plunging cleavage beneath. It doesn’t look like the bodacious babe wore a bra for her latest snapshot. Aside from the revealing sweater, she wore an itty-bitty black thong and knee-high black stockings with lace frill. The Bang Energy girl posed by getting on all fours atop a bed; she spread her legs and smoldered at the camera.

She tied her long dark hair into a messy ponytail, although she left several thick tendrils alone, so they framed her petite face. Niece also wore her standard smoky eye makeup and a slim black choker.

In her caption, Niece commiserated with her followers who got drunk on New Year’s Eve. She joked that people don’t eat “greasy a**” food for New Year’s celebrations, instead they eat “this sh*t because we’re hungover.”

She teased that she had developed a case of “wine flu” thanks to her holiday drinking.

Within two hours of sharing her sizzling image, Niece procured over 35,600 likes and close to 400 comments.

The majority of Niece’s commenters happily complimented the beauty. Those who couldn’t think of anything to say filled in the blanks with a wide array of emoji. The most commonly used were hearts, heart-eyes, flame, flowers, tongue-wagging, winks, and praise-hands.

However, many followers fans recounted their own after-drinking recovery stories to bond with Niece and relate to her lengthy photo caption. The stunner is known for being frank, hilarious, and bold in her caption writing. Some people felt she was a little too honest in her New Year’s Day admissions.

“So far just the wine flu and a small case a alchol-congestion [sic] but I feel a storm brewin…” responded one person.

“I’m at work. Started at 0630. No time for hangovers!” wrote a second user.

“I’ve never read a post that I understood so well, but never wanted to read or think of again,” joked a third fan.

“You are a great way to start the new year,” said a fourth admirer.

Just days ago, The Inquisitr reported that Niece wowed her followers by wearing a tiny white bikini while standing in her bathtub. The revealing nature of the bikini showed off her stupendous chest and toned abdomen. Fans were pleased by the gorgeous visual of the model’s incredible body.