Bella Hadid Wows Instagram Followers As She Drops Pants While Wearing Denim Bikini

Model Bella Hadid delighted her Instagram followers with her most recent seductive images. Wishing her fans the very "best best best" for the new year, the model posed in a tiny bikini in the new photo series. The snaps show Bella on a boat with a beautiful sunny sky behind her. As the images progress, more of her shapely form is revealed.

With 2020 arriving, many celebrities have been wishing their followers a happy new year. Bella was no exception and did this by posting stunning images of herself in a denim bikini. The first image shows the supermodel in a tight-fitting halterneck bikini that leaves little to the imagination as she leans forward seductively towards the camera. Wearing just a hint of makeup, the celebrity pouts at her intended audience as she lowers a matching pair of denim jean shorts.

The second image reveals the bottom of the ragged denim cutoffs and Bella's toned legs. After that, further pictures show her in a sunhat and large gold hooped earrings as she leans against the railing of the boat that she in on. Around her flat midriff is a gold chain featuring a pendant. Various shots also show off her pert derriere as the photos were taken from various angles. The final shot shows Bella with her legs spread as she looks away from the camera.

While it may be winter in the United States, Hadid, along with many other celebrities, has decided to take their vacation in a warmer locale, allowing fans to be wowed by gorgeous sunny scenery and revealing bikinis, regardless of the weather.

Within an hour of posting, Bella's new pics had garnered 249,000 likes on her official Instagram account, which boasts 27.5 million followers. Instantly, fans started praising the series of shots.

"From the best best best," said Olivia Perez, a Forbes contributor.

"I wish all the best for you," one follower posted.

"Go on a date with me 2020," wrote one cheeky commenter.

Many other fans were so apparently overcome by the risque photo shoot that they had to resort to using emoji in order to convey how they felt. Among many of those that posted emoji comments, the love heart, fire, and heart-eyed emoji were the most common ones used and were in prolific abundance.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bella has recently posted another sultry image that left very little to the imagination. Seated poolside wearing nothing but an open shirt and white bikini bottoms, the model also posted a video to go with the photo.