Juul Employees Continue To Vape At Work, Despite The Threat Of Losing Their Jobs

After months of horror stories detailing the dangerous side effects of using vaping products such as Juul, restrictions are being placed on the devices and where they can be used. Despite all that is now known about the potential health threats of these products, there are some that just can't quit using them. These include Juul employees at U.S. facilities who can't stop vaping at work, according to Gizmodo.

While it's not surprising that Juul employees would be likely to use the nicotine product they help sell, they are not actually allowed to use these devices while at work. In fact, they face losing their bonuses and even their jobs if they are caught vaping indoors at the Juul facilities. Despite the fact that Juul management is cracking down about this rule, their employees are not daunted.

Even with all they could lose, employees are reportedly vaping around their co-workers, at their desks, and even in the hallways.

It was last year that former Juul CEO Kevin Burns prohibited vaping in the workplace. However, it was brought to his attention that the company's San Francisco headquarters was without an adequate location to vape outside. Despite many workplaces having outdoor smoking areas, the headquarters seemed to be missing one.

Thus, Burns said that a sort of tent would be constructed at the San Francisco location to allow for employees to get their fix. Nevertheless, this fixture has not yet been set up.

When asked about the status of this tent, a Juul spokesperson made it sound as if this isn't something that's on the company's horizon at this time, emphasizing that Juul is "committed to maintaining a smoke and vapor-free work‐place in compliance with state and local laws."

The spokesperson went on to say that they are working hard to ensure that no vaping goes on inside their facilities.

"Our policy strictly prohibits vaping in our U.S. facilities where applicable law or lease agreements do not allow vaping. We take this commitment very seriously and take appropriate actions against violations."
Juul has been pursued by the Food and Drug Administration for years now, in part for selling flavored nicotine products that appeal to young people. Although Juul was originally supposed to help adult smokers kick the habit, it has led to many underage kids to get hooked.

President Trump is fighting against underage nicotine addiction by recently passing a bill that would lead to the smoking age in the United States to raise from 18-years-old to 21-years-old, as The Inquisitr previously reported.