Brunette Bombshell Lyna Perez Leaves Little To The Imagination In Tiny Bikini

Model Lyna Perez didn't leave much to the imagination today when she went online to wish her followers a happy New Year. She wore as little as possible in the Instagram update, which showed her in a tiny bikini.

The stunner was on the beach with a beautiful ocean scene behind her. Waves washed ashore in what appeared to be a tranquil setting, as no one else could be seen in the picture. The locale may have been peaceful, but Lyna and her bikini stole the show.

The beauty's two-piece was a sand color and had a triangle-style top that hardly covered her breasts. The edges of the fabric featured a scalloped cut — a design that drew her follower's eyes to her chest. The bikini bottoms were even more skimpy, covering just enough to keep the picture safe for Instagram. The tiny triangle of fabric was held in place with tiny strings that tied on the side. Lyna had the strings pulled high on her hips, calling attention to her flat abs and hourglass shape. Part of a tattoo on her lower abdomen peeked out from under the string on one side.

The snap captured Lyna's body from just above the knees. She posed with one leg slightly forward and one hip to the side as she flaunted her curves. She held one hand to the side of her head as she gave the camera a serious look.

Lyna wore her hair parted down the middle and down in waves over her shoulders. Her makeup included dark brows and thick lashes. She also put a pink color on her full lips.

In the caption, Lyna wished her fans a happy New Year.

Most of her fans returned the sentiment while others raved over the photo.

"Beautiful great way to end the decade," said one follower.

"Oh my god you are mind blowingly beautiful... Happy New Year!" wrote a second admirer.

"You are the most beautiful girl in the world," a third fan chimed in.

"The perfect woman," a fourth fan commented.

Many of Lyna's fans think she is close to perfect with her fabulous physique. And, luckily for them, she likes to show it off. Most of the time, they can find her in skimpy bikinis, but every so often, she likes to surprise them with snaps of her wearing sexy dresses and skintight crop tops. Whatever she wears, it will almost always be revealing.