WWE Star Saves Mom From Burning Building

the masterpiece

Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters, a former WWE star, saved his mom from a burning building last night.

That’s pretty exciting and heroic on its own, but wait until you read the details.

According to TMZ, Masters’ mother was put in danger when a neighbor “went crazy” and entered her home. The man barricaded the front door and refused to let anyone in or out.

Masters, real name Chris Mordetzky, arrived at the scene and tried to talk some sense into his neighbor. When the man refused to listen and refused to open the door, the former WWE star called the police.

And that’s when things got hectic. The man allegedly set fire to the home with Masters’ mother still inside.

Now, this is the part of the story when WWE wrestler Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters found a random phone booth and put on his Super Man costume. According to Sports Interaction, Masters uprooted a tree with his bare hands, carried it across the lawn, and hurled it through the window. Masters then reached in, grabbed his mother, and pulled her to safety.

By this time the police had arrived and arrested the neighbor for arson.

In addition to his amazing tree uprooting abilities, Masters also has one of the best full nelsons in the business. The WWE star frequently held Master Lock Challenges claiming that know one could escape his hold. According Ranker, Masters has more full nelson submission victories than any other WWE wrestler.