Aussie Bombshell Natalie Roser Rocks Nude Lingerie On A Shaggy Carpet

Natalie Roser wore only the essentials in her latest Instagram share. The girl from Down Underwear sported a bra and panties set from her Rose and Bare collection and stunned her fans with her hot body and sunny smile.

The Australian model wore a nude-colored underwire bra called "Our Little Lift." This particular bra provides women with a little oomph to maximize their cleavage area.

Natalie certainly didn't need a lift in the two photos she posted on Tuesday. She put her breasts on full display in lingerie that she helped to design. She paired it with an everyday brief from the same collection.

In the first photo, Natalie was lying flat on her back. She luxuriated in the feel of a cream shaggy carpet that cushioned her back. She stretched one leg upward while bending the other knee to her chest. She lifted her shoulders off the floor, caressed her thigh, and grinned at the camera.

The second snap shows Natalie lying on her one hip and elbow on the furry rug. Again, she rested her hand on her leg while posing for the camera. In both snaps, the blonde looks incredibly happy.

The bombshell wore her hair in soft, loose waves. She parted her hair down the side and allowed her mane to fall softly down her shoulders and back. The lingerie model also opted for a barefaced look by defining her brows, adding a touch of eyeliner, and applying a shade of lipstick close to her own natural lip color.

The Aussie model has a firm following of 1.1 million people. Natalie regularly posts photos and videos of herself, often wearing bikinis, in exotic locations on her Instagram. It's little wonder that her loyal following expect quality material from her social media pages.

This particular snap has already amassed more than 25,000 likes. Natalie's fans always sing her praises, and this time proved to be no exception. They inundated the comments section with fire, heart, and kiss emoji. Some even posted a few words of encouragement.

"It's not your beauty that makes you an angel, it's the way you smile..."
Another intoned that Natalie was some kind of good luck charm when he opined, "Looking at that pic will start any man's year off on the right foot!"

One fan even made a radical admission.

"Why do you post so many great pictures of yourself? I am liking everyone and starting to feel a bit 'stalkerish', hahaha! ;)"