Jessica Simpson Poses For Stunning Mountain Pic With Her Sister Ashlee During Aspen Ski Trip, Fans Freak Out

Jessica Simpson was a stylish skier during a recent family trip to Aspen, but some fans were concerned that she took her love for fashion too far. The singer and fashion designer, 39, posed atop a snow-covered mountain with her husband, Eric Johnson; sister, Ashlee Simpson Ross; and brother-in-law, Evan Ross. However, fans -- including one famous one -- wanted to make sure they were all wearing helmets in the stylish snap.

On Monday, Jessica posed in a gorgeous black parka and jumpsuit while her sister wore royal blue ski attire as they were photographed holding ski poles amid bright blue skies on a sunny day. But while Ashlee was all geared up with the proper safety helmet, Jessica made a fashion statement by wearing a fluffy white hat instead.

In the comments section to an Instagram post featuring the photo, fans raved about Jessica's fashionable ski look. But Ashlee's sister-in-law, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, questioned where the mom of three's headgear was.

"Pls tell me you hv on a helmet under the fluff?!!!" the Black-ish star wrote to Jessica.

"I had the same thought after I took a closer look!" another commenter chimed in.

"[Tracee Ellis Ross] your brother [Evan Ross] does not appear to be wearing a helmet!" a third fan added. "Hope everyone is wearing a helmet."

"Gorgeous! But please wear a helmet! Please!" another fan wrote.

Other fans noted that Jessica is a "grown woman" and can ski any way she wants, but others were adamant about the dangers of skiing without the proper helmet. Others pointed out that it's just a photo and it doesn't mean Jessica skied wearing just her fuzzy hat.

For fans who are worried that experienced skier Jessica put fashion ahead of ski safety, a Simpson family source told Yahoo! Entertainment that Jessica and Evan simply took their helmets off for the photo.

In fact, later in the comments, Evan wrote, "It's a photo lol. Silly!!! Didn't know u needed a helmet for a photo."

The new family photo comes one day after Jessica posed in stylish ski gear for a planned trip to the slopes with her kids --Maxwell, 7, and Ace, 6. In the caption to that pic, Jessica joked that she never got past her outfit that day.

In all of the photos, Jessica's recent weight loss is very apparent. The blond beauty lost a whopping 100 pounds after giving birth to her baby, Birdie Mae, in March.