Former WWE Star Eva Marie Flaunts Ripped Abs & Mohawk Braid In Sports Bra & Booty Shots

Former WWE fighter Natalie Eva Marie Coyle, whose stage name was Eva Marie, stunned her fans with a post she recently shared to Instagram. The fitness model posted a side-by-side composite pic of her in her 20s compared to her body in her 30s. Even though she looked gorgeous a decade ago, Eva Marie's body in her 30s is absolutely sensational.

The younger Eva Marie wore a black lace bra and panties set. She stared confidently into the camera with the bra straps pulled down. Of course, this was to draw attention to her full and voluptuous cleavage.

However, Eva Marie's breasts are not visible in the more recent photograph. The designer wore a white sports bra and tiny neon orange booty shorts which clung to her frame. She deliberately held up her breasts so that her fans could get a clear view of her abs. Her ripped, washboard abs would put many to shame. In her caption, Eva Marie promoted her workouts and eating regimen and credited her current lifestyle choices for her well-toned body.

While the first photo depicted a sexy vixen with her smoky eyes and long black hair, the second image shows a different side to the former WWE female wrestler. She sported an edgier look with her mohawk center braid and lavender nail polish. She wore a trendy white eyeliner on her top lash line and swept blusher across her cheeks. She didn't appear to be wearing any lip color.

The brunette bombshell has an impressive 4.2 million followers. She loves uploading videos and photos to inspire her fans. She wrote that she was posting these particular pics to encourage people to start 2020 off on a healthy note.

The image certainly resonated with her fans. Within nine hours, the snap has already racked up more than 66,000 likes. Many of the former Total Divas star's followers showed their appreciation with their fire, heart, and smiley emoji. Others took the time to leave an encouraging note in the comments section.

"Good lord talk about abs now those are killer abs," opined one fan who was obviously in awe with Eva Marie's flat stomach.

Another follower shared his struggle with staying on track with his fitness goals.

"My number one problem. I work out with purpose but the diet part is so difficult for me."
But it seemed as if some fans preferred the younger version of Eva Marie. Many questioned the model's current weight and thought that she looked healthier in the left pic. But some fans thought that she looked beautiful both then and now.
"Perfect back then and still perfect now!"