Madonna Reportedly Crazy About 25-Year-Old Boyfriend, 'Love Has No Age' His Father Says

Madonna has reportedly been dating one of her 25-year-old backup dancers for some time now, but a source says that things are getting serious between the couple. In fact, things are so intense that Madonna has told Ahlamalik Williams' family that she loves him.

Williams' father told TMZ that Madonna and his son have been dating for over a year. They apparently hooked up after meeting during the auditions for her "Rebel Heart Tour." The pop queen reportedly pulled Williams out of the group of people auditioning and the rest is history.

A while later, Williams' father says that he met Madonna, along with the rest of his family, after a show in New York City. They met again after a Ceasar's Palace show in Las Vegas where she had a party in her suite that included a meal cooked by her personal chef.

Apparently, Madonna is crazy about her boyfriend, according to Williams' father.

"Love has no age," he said.

"My son is livin' la Vida Loca, and I'm just happy for him."
Things are looking good for the future as well. The 61-year-old singer invited the family to a show in London and another in France early next year, according to Williams' father. He says that they've even purchased their plane tickets for the shows.

Williams has appeared on videos with the singer on her social media page, as well as in paparazzi snaps showing the two getting cozy on a patio together while on vacation.

Not everyone has championed the relationship, however. Some critics have taken issue with the age gap between the two. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Wendy Williams attacked the singer, saying that she needed to grow older gracefully after Williams and Madonna were snapped in Miami together while vacationing with daughter Lourdes Leon Ciccone and her boyfriend.

"He is three years older than her daughter, Lourdes. They're all on the same vacation and there's old grandma booed up with a 25-year-old," Wendy said. "Here's what I feel about stuff like that, because when I go out I get the side eye from young boys. But, here's the thing, it's supposed to be a one night stand, if that — not a boyfriend," she added.

"You know what, she's become that old lady that I feel bad for," Wendy concluded. "Because I don't think she understands that it's ok to grow older gracefully. Like, we do stuff, we go through stuff."