Demi Rose Bursts Out Of Yellow Bikini While Watching Turtles Hatch In Mexico

John PhillipsGetty Images

Demi Rose‘s latest Instagram post has gotten fans excited once more as she posed on a beach. In the images, she is wearing nothing more than a tiny yellow bikini and sheer black overskirt while she watches baby turtles hatch on the beach. While on vacation, the celebrity has been posting plenty of racy pictures to her Instagram account recently. The most recent shots have been taken in Mexico according to the geotag.

Posting two images, the first snap shows Demi posing in an impossibly small yellow string bikini. Barely covering her assets, she smiles at the camera and shows off a tiny baby turtle which she has just watched being hatched. She also wears a long sheer black skirt with splits up either side. The breeze is blowing the skirt so plenty of toned skin can be seen, placing nearly all of Demi’s taut thighs on display. Behind Demi, waves crashing onto the sand can be seen.

The second image is very similar to the first. However, this one shows Demi smiling down at the turtle in her hand.

“Setting it free is my new favorite thing,” Demi captioned the image with, also stating that she found the whole day incredibly cute.

The wind is blowing Demi’s dark brunette locks away from her face, which shows off her perfectly made-up appearance. Behind her, plenty of the spectacular beach is shown and a few palm trees are seen off into the distance.

Within an hour of Demi posting the vacation snaps, there were more than 116,000 likes. Many of Demi’s 11.7 million followers were also quick to comment on the new pictures.

“Ugh can’t wait till tomorrow!!! Sooo cute,” said Kinsey, who most recently posted a video of her time at the pyramids of Giza to her official Instagram account.

“The most beautiful women on the planet,” said one of Demi’s followers.

“That would be awesome to see!!” said another fan in relation to the newly-hatched turtles.

Plenty more of Demi’s fans posted comments stating how beautiful the images were. Others used emoji in order to convey their emotions at the new pictures. Heart-eyed emoji were among the most common in the comments section of Demi’s official Instagram account.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Demi has been recently traveling through various exotic locations, including Wadi Rum in Jordan, where she posed in a two-piece swimsuit while inside one of the location’s famous “Martian domes.”