Crystal Reed Calls Her Former ‘Swamp Thing’ Co-Star Maria Sten Her ‘Girlfriend,’ Fans Go Wild

Crystal Reed attends a runway show
Sean Zanni / Getty Images

Swamp Thing actress Crystal Reed may have confirmed her rumored relationship with her former co-star Maria Sten. Sten posted a photo of herself on Instagram enjoying the sights of Rome, Italy, early Friday afternoon.

Reed commented on the picture, “Can’t wait to have my girlfriend back;).”

Her comment alone received 468 likes and counting, leading many of her fans to take the star’s comment as confirmation that the two are dating.

Reed has a large LGBTQ+ following since starring in the MTV series Teen Wolf. Her character, Allison Argent, was often “shipped” with the other females on the show. Many of her fans have always been hopeful that the actress herself was part of the community. While her comment seems to confirm that she is, it could also be innocuous.

The two actresses met on the set of the DC Universe series Swamp Thing. Their characters were friends on the television show, so they shared several scenes together. Unfortunately, the show was axed after only one season, although that hasn’t stopped Sten and Reed from hanging out.

A few months ago, Reed started the dating rumors by sharing a snapshot of herself and Sten.

“Some of my closest friendships have come from work but this one?!?! LOOK AT HER!!” wrote the Teen Wolf star.

She went on to praise Sten for her many talents, including acting and being a loyal friend.

The star hashtagged the photo of the pair with “Abby+liz4L,” based on the names of their characters from the short-lived DC series.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Reed dated a co-star. She previously dated fellow Teen Wolf actor Daniel Sharman for several months. Their characters were romantically involved in the show as well.

Several of Reed’s 2.9 million followers on Instagram replied to her response with questions and excitement about what she could possibly mean.

“[S]o cute I’m so happy for you two :)” wrote one fan.

“[S]o pleased for you both. it means a lot to me to see you two together,” said a second person.

On Twitter, the response has been just as positive, with many users creating collages of the duo and praising the possibility of Reed having a girlfriend. The actress is currently a worldwide trending topic.

[A]shley benson and crystal reed have girlfriends, 2019 was a win for the gays,” said one fan.