Is Dunkin’ Open On New Year’s Day?

Justin SullivanGetty Images

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration, and that often means staying out late to ring in the new year with friends and family. For those who got a late start this morning or are nursing hangovers, a caffeine boost could be the perfect pick-me-up. Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the best places to stop in for a steaming hot cup of coffee and maybe a donut or two. However, New Year’s Day is considered a holiday, and the quick-service restaurant may not be open during its regular hours, or at all.

According to Time magazine, Dunkin’ lovers might be in luck. The article reports that “most locations will be open.”

The article doesn’t give further information about which restaurants will be open or hours. It’s a good idea to call ahead to your local Dunkin’ to find out their exact hours as they may vary by location. You can also verify the hours of operation through the Dunkin’ mobile app.

The mobile app is a great way to find Dunkin’ restaurants while you’re on the go. It even lets you check out the menu and nutrition facts from the palm of your hand. App users can also sign up for DD Perks, which grants you five points for every $1 you spend. It only takes 200 points to earn yourself a free drink; you can also preload funds ahead of time.

If you have to work on New Year’s Day, it’s nice to know you can check nearby while you’re driving to see if one of their many stores is available to you. Plus, the app allows you to skip the line by placing your order before you arrive.

If you’re unable to check the app, the official website also has a store locator to verify opening and closing times. Be sure to check the drive-thru hours, too. Drive-thru hours and in-store hours may differ by location.

Those living in large cities are more likely to find an open store than people from lower-density areas.

Die-hard Dunkin’ fans were likely gifted several gift cards for Christmas. Now is the perfect time to break one out and cash it in for a steaming hot cup of coffee.

True Dunkin’ lovers should check out their merchandise, too. Most stores have post-holiday clearance sales. You might be able to buy brand mugs, shirts, packaged coffee, and more for a significant discount.

It’s not clear if the coffee chain will continue selling holiday-themed items on New Year’s Day. You may need to verify it through the app.