Top 10 Times Chrissy Teigen's Tweets Made Us LOL This Year

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most beloved celebrities and funniest Twitter users of the decade.

Not only is she a successful model, author, television personality, and mother of two, but Teigen has created a name for herself on the internet thanks to her brutally honest and hilarious thoughts on everything from cooking to reality television.

The top 10 funniest things Teigen has tweeted in the last year are listed below.

Teigen Spoke About The One Thing Money Can't Fix

Someone asked her about the one thing wealth and status can't solve. Teigen's response was hilariously relatable to many.

"Thanks for being so open about it," replied one fan.

Teigen Baffled Her Followers With Her Medical Decisions

After taking a probiotic and antibiotic simultaneously, Teigen wondered if the two would cancel each other out.

Teigen Turned An Insult Into Kindness

In this tweet, a troll tried to make Teigen feel bad about herself. She cleverly flipped the tables and turned it into an uplifting moment instead.

Teigen Showed Off Her Persistent Zit

She hilariously pointed out an angry zit that has troubled her for years. When fans began to doubt its existence, Teigen shared photographic evidence and joked that the deniers "made him more powerful."

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" teased a follower.

Teigen Shared Her Thoughts On Eating Chicken Wings

As an avid cook, Teigen has strong opinions about the way food should be eaten and prepared. In this tweet, she stated that anyone who only nibbled on their wings wouldn't be invited to dine at her house again.

Teigen Revealed Her Night Eggs Secret

In one of Teigen's most quirky and hilarious tweets of the year, she admitted to her followers that she enjoys eating eggs late at night. When pressed about her decision, the model defended herself.
"They're my night eggs."
"I love you, Chrissy, but with all the food in the whole wide world to choose from, this is really weird," wrote a fan.

Teigen Talked About Moving In With Her Husband

Teigen started a thread about dating experiences and listened to many terrible dating stories from her fans. In her case, she claims she didn't date and would instead just move in with people, like her husband, John Legend.

Teigen Joked About Scaring Her Publicist

Celebrity publicists are always a little on edge since it's their job to maintain the reputation of their famous clientele. Teigen teased her publicist by stating she logs on to Instagram live to freak them out when she's bored.

Teigen Once Feared For Andy Cohen's Safety

As the host of the Real Housewives reunion shows, Andy Cohen has been in the center of a lot of housewife drama. As a friend of Andy, Teigen playfully mentioned he should be protected much "like the pope" to remain safe.

"@Andy is sitting WAY too close to Teresa 'Table Flippin' Giudice," said one person.

Teigen Joked About Thanksgiving Realizations

Teigen has an annual tradition of searching for scandalous post-Thanksgiving admissions.