Mama June Shannon & Boyfriend Geno Doak Allegedly Trash Hotel Room In Georgia

Paras GriffinGetty Images for WEtv

Reality television star June Shannon of the show Mama June: From Not to Hot continues to raise eyebrows with her behavior. Her seemingly troubled romance with Geno Doak is still going but not necessarily very smoothly. A new report alleges that “Mama June” and Geno recently had an intense fight at a Georgia hotel and caused a lot of damage to the room.

TMZ shares the scoop and photos from the room Mama June and Geno allegedly trashed. In this case, the two were reportedly staying at a FairBridge Inn & Suites near Atlanta a couple of months ago when things spun out of control.

The outlet details that the police arrived at the hotel to check into a call about a disturbance. However, law enforcement told TMZ that there were no arrests and no report had been filed.

Photos purportedly taken of the room show significant damage. Insiders say that there was about $1,000 in damages and photos show a seriously disheveled room.

One of the more jaw-dropping areas of wreckage is a broken mirror on the wall. A large section of the mirror is gone and some angles of the photo show what appears to be a hand print from someone who may have punched the mirror and was injured.

The floor is littered with garbage and numerous broken items, and one lamp is askew on the wall. It also appears as if there may have been items torn off the wall on either side of the bed under the lamps. The television was apparently broken as well.

Apparently, Mama June and Geno have been bouncing from hotel to hotel since selling her Hampton, Georgia, home last fall. Reportedly, the two are still facing legal trouble for issues that took place earlier in the year. However, in October, their lawyer attended a court hearing and entered pleas of not guilty for both of them.

Mama June hasn’t posted to her social media accounts in months and hasn’t said anything publicly about all the drama associated with her this past year. Geno rarely posts to social media, but he did share one video on his Instagram page in November. In that video, he appeared to be filming in a hotel room bathroom, which does sync up with the reports that the duo has been hotel hopping since leaving her home a few months ago.

June’s daughter Alana, known by many as “Honey Boo Boo,” has been living with one of her older sisters for some time now. Based on recent Instagram posts from Alana, she seems to be stable and doing relatively well.

It doesn’t seem clear when or what comes next in regard to Geno and Mama June’s legal troubles. However, based on the reported details of this recent hotel room incident, it looks like the two may still be struggling to stay out of trouble.