‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Supports Valentin & Laura Pleads With Charlotte

Sofia Mattsson plays Sasha Gilmore on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Fans of General Hospital were left hanging a bit at the end of Monday’s show. There are no new episodes airing on Tuesday or Wednesday, but spoilers tease that the developments ahead should be worth the wait.

As everybody saw during Monday’s show, Nina was stressed over what she had planned for her wedding to Valentin. She’s been planning on exposing him, but her love for Charlotte seems to have her wavering. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Thursday’s episode will contain a lot more on this front.

Nina was about to look at the DNA test results she had just received. General Hospital spoilers note that these will confirm that the DNA used to make it seem Sasha was her biological daughter is linked to Madeline.

Many throughout Port Charles are bracing themselves for the wedding ahead, and viewers are expecting fireworks. As people gather, General Hospital spoilers share that there will be a few confrontations and whispered conversations that could bring shockers.

According to Soap Hub, Sasha will end up coming to Valentin’s defense. She’s no fan of Valentin and isn’t all that interested in doing him any favors. However, she has resisted throwing him under the bus over the DNA scheme due to her desire to protect Nina. It sounds as if she’ll be doing that once more during Thursday’s show.

Valentin eavesdropped on Ava as she had a conversation with Julian at the Metro Court, and it seems like he’ll come to suspect she saved the codicil before the portrait of Helena burned. General Hospital spoilers detail that he confronts Ava ahead of the wedding, and it will probably be over what he overheard and suspects.

In the midst of all of this, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Laura will be trying to persuade Charlotte of something. Laura doesn’t know of Nina’s plans to dump Valentin at the altar, so Laura’s chat with her granddaughter won’t be about that.

However, it may be that Laura will be trying to convince Charlotte that she is mistaken about the identity of the man she thought was her bodyguard. Charlotte showed Laura a photo of Nikolas, claiming she had talked with him. Of course, since Laura believes her son Nik is dead, she was left confused by this.

Valentin is also bewildered over all of this bodyguard business and that intensified after Charlotte said she’d shown Laura a photo of the supposed bodyguard. Valentin now thinks that Laura and Lulu have someone watching the little girl but lied to him about it, and he doesn’t yet know the photo was of Nik.

Will Valentin figure out that Nikolas is alive before Nik exposes himself? Will Nina stick with her plans to dump Valentin or end up changing plans at the last minute?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Thursday’s show also has more with Sonny and Carly, and all the drama will likely carry over into Friday’s show.