Brandi Glanville Didn’t Intend To Throw Shade At Leann Rimes And Eddie Cibrian On Twitter With Christmas Post

JC OliveraGetty Images

Brandi Glanville had many fans convinced that she celebrated Christmas with her former husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his current wife, LeAnn Rimes, after sharing a photo of them together on December 25. However, after sharing an Instagram photo of her “modern family,” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was forced to set the record straight.

After The Inquisitr shared Glanville’s photo, which also featured the two sons she shares with Cibrian — Mason and Jake — Glanville confirmed on Twitter that she had actually not been invited to celebrate with Cibrian and Rimes and was quickly accused of throwing shade at the two of them with her post.

While many fans suspected Glanville was trying to generate backlash aimed at the couple for failing to include her, an insider has since spoken to Hollywood Life and confirmed that Glanville wasn’t “intentionally trying to throw shade” at her former husband and his wife, especially now that she is in such a great place with the couple. Instead, she was simply trying to get the truth of the situation out there after fans assumed they spent more time together than they actually did.

In Glanville’s tweet, she confirmed that she, Cibrian, and Rimes “spent 5 minutes” with one another.

Although Glanville reportedly did not mean for her post to appear shady, Cibrian and Rimes allegedly felt a bit put off by her comments.

“They all have made a big effort to be in a better place and civil to each other but there is still the drama that comes up when you have to deal with an ex…LeAnn and Eddie just wanted to have a very relaxed Christmas which they had, and now Brandi has decided to chase drama by talking about it all,” a second insider shared.

According to Hollywood Life‘s report, Cibrian and Rimes felt that they should have been able to share happy photos of their Christmas with one another without any footnotes being shared in regard to the details of how much time they actually spent together. That said, neither Cibrian nor Rimes seemingly feels the need to confront Glanville about her Christmas tweet. Instead, the couple will reportedly do their best to remain in a good place with her.

As fans of the show may know, Glanville has somewhat of a traumatic past with Rimes and Cibrian, in which Cibrian and Rimes engaged in an affair during his nine-year marriage to Glanville.