'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Peter Weber Explains His Reaction To Hannah Brown's Arrival On His Season

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor premieres on January 6, and spoilers have already teased that The Bachelorette Hannah Brown will show up during the premiere to shake things up a bit. In a new interview clip, Peter is sharing his perspective on Hannah's arrival and the relationship he developed with her during her season.

People shares Peter's thoughts about Hannah showing up as he started to film his season of The Bachelor. As viewers saw on The Bachelorette last spring, Hannah and Peter had sizzling hot chemistry together. They shared a wild overnight date involving a lot of frisky business in a windmill, but then she eliminated him at the following rose ceremony.

Despite that heartbreak, Peter says that the relationship meant a lot to both of them.

"You are going to see just how much it meant to us when you see the episode. All the emotions resurfaced. They're just real emotions that come out between two people that at one point cared about each other a lot," Peter explains.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that Hannah appears during the initial night of introductions as well as at a group date of Peter's. Most of this will be shown during the premiere, although viewers will probably want to brace themselves for a cliffhanger involving Peter and Hannah.

"I was very very surprised. I truly was not expecting that," Peter explains of Hannah's arrival at the start of filming.

The Bachelor star says that he had been very invested in his relationship with Hannah during The Bachelorette, and he was totally blindsided by his elimination. Despite that, he says that he knows she followed her heart at the time and that he has made peace with it.

Sneak peeks hint that the sparks will still be flying between Hannah and Peter when they encounter one another again. Despite that, Peter seems to suggest that he ultimately puts this all behind him as he forges forward to look for love.

"Looking back, I'm thankful for how everything worked out. I definitely learned a lot about myself. And I definitely became stronger. I've always been a believer that everything happens for a reason," The Bachelor notes.

Viewers seemingly will see Peter and Hannah put this prior romance fully behind them early on as his season of The Bachelor airs. However, spoilers tease that there are still some major unknowns about whether or not he ultimately finds love.

Peter's run as The Bachelor begins airing on ABC on Monday, January 6, and spoilers hint that it's going to be an intense, wild ride.