Marie Osmond Honors ‘Sweet’ Mother Olive’s Love In Instagram Post

Marie Osmond poses for a photo at a book signing for her new book "Music Is Medicine" at Barnes & Noble Union Square.
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Marie Osmond honored her “sweet” mother, Olive, in a touching Instagram post where she correlated her own experiences as a grandmother to the inspiration she draws on a daily basis from the late Osmond family matriarch.

In a series of two photos, Marie shared images of three of her grandchildren and of a Christmas cactus plant that she gifted Olive when she had fallen ill. The foliage now resides in the Utah home Marie shares with husband Steven Craig.

In the post, Marie commented that she and her husband are blessed to have most of her children and grandchildren able to share the holidays with them. She also noted that this Christmas, in particular, brought back many fond memories of her own mother and the relationships she had with her grandchildren.

“She taught me how to be a mom and now a grandmother by example,” shared Marie in the lengthy post.

The singer, actress, and entertainer then spoke about the second image, a Christmas cactus that is only supposed to bloom once a year around the holiday season. She shared that when Olive was ill and bedridden with a stroke, Marie made sure to surround her mother with the things she loved, and one of them was plants.

Marie revealed that she swears this plant holds magic powers and that her late mother expresses her happiness through it.

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This #Christmas has been so incredible! The photo with the babies are our three little piglets ????, as we affectionately call them. My husband Steve and I are so blessed to have most of our children and our adorable grand babies running around and around and around the house! But more than anything, this Christmas has brought back so many memories of times I watched my Mother with her grandchildren during Christmases past. She taught me how to be a mom and now a grandmother by example. The second photo is of a plant I gave my Mom that I keep in my sewing room in Utah. I went there for a day right before my symphony shows and when I walked in, it was in full bloom… The Christmas Cactus! ???????? When my sweet Mother was bedridden by her debilitating stroke, I surrounded her with the things she loved—from photos to music to books I would read to her, and sewing shows on TV. But the first thing I brought to the hospital was this beautiful Christmas Cactus that’s now in my home, her favorite plant! Oh and she LOVED her plants! A “Christmas Cactus” by virtue of it’s name, is supposed to only bloom around Christmas time, but I swear this one is magical. It’s like my Mom still expresses her happiness through it, because it blooms on special occasions throughout the year. It even bloomed overnight the day I decided to be single again. ???? But mostly, this little cactus has felt like a beautiful welcome each time I come here from my sweet Mother. Today her Christmas Cactus is a sweet metaphor to me of the continual love and consistency we need in our lives. Especially now, more than ever, in this world of constant change and chaos. Mom would say to me, “people change, but truth does not, as people we are fickle, but God does not change. He is consistent in His love, acceptance and truth.” I am confident that 2020 is going to be an epic year! I am going to pray, read, study and serve with more consistency and love! I am contemplating new goals to help me continually grow and I would love to hear some of yours! #HappyNewYear dear friends, I love you all!

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The Talk host explained that the plant appears to bloom on special occasions throughout the year, a sign to Marie that her mother is still ever-present in her life. She called the plant a sweet metaphor of Olive’s love and consistency.

Fans of the music superstar loved the inspirational message shared by the entertainer and relayed their messages in the comments section of the post.

A fan wished Marie the best for the new year and also noted that she too has become more like her mother, remarking how thankful she was for her own parents’ teachings and love.

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I wanted to hold off on this post or any comments all week until I heard from my sister-in-law Carolyn on what she desires to tell you all about my brother Tom who is still in the ICU following a quadruple bypass. ????❤️ I feel you should hear directly from her instead of family members. It’s probably the female heart in me ☺️, I know I would want to make the statement myself if it were my precious husband undergoing serious health challenges. On on my Facebook page or my website, you can read an update on Tom and what he said about your outpouring of love and heartfelt messages. Will also share with you about my sweet moments with my hero. Have a blessed and #Happy #Sunday and take the time to spend precious moments with your loved ones! ???? #HisDay #hopeinchrist #eternallife #mortality #TomOsmond

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“Beautiful photo of your grandchildren and beautiful words and memories of your wonderful mother. I met her once back in the late 70s. She was a very special lady indeed. Much love to you and all of your beautiful family,” remarked a second fan of the superstar singer.

“I just bought myself this year my very own Christmas Cactus. It opened and bloomed like magic all of Christmas week. Now, most have fallen off. I’m hoping I get some magical special blooms throughout the year,” said a third follower of Marie’s on the social media site.