Kelly Clarkson Brought To Tears In New Instagram Video

THE VOICE -- Season: 17 -- Pictured: Kelly Clarkson.
Art Streiber / NBC

Kelly Clarkson was brought to tears in a new Instagram video uploaded to the official page for The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she read viewer letters that detailed their deeds for the series “Good Neighbor Challenge.”

The clip showed Kelly reading the notes sent to the show in response to the talk show host’s call to her followers, asking them to send in stories about their neighbors doing incredible things.

In the five-minute clip, the first American Idol winner was highly emotional when learning about some of the random acts of kindness put into place by everyday people.

“Hi y’all, I am all about celebrating neighbors doing good things for one another,” said Kelly at the beginning of the video, before reading several letters lying on a table in front of her, set up by her show staff.

The first letter Kelly read was from a person who shared a story of a teenage boy who passed by someone daily who had clearly fallen on hard times.

The boy took it upon himself to pack the person some food and drink, and then asked them to leave the lunch sack and beverage holder where they found it so it could be refilled again. He also asked if the person needed a coat, gloves, or hat as the weather was turning cold when the letter was written. The boy then finished his statement by remarking both he and his mother would continue to help while this person needed it.

At the conclusion of reading that first letter and before reading others that were placed in front of her, Kelly tearfully told her Instagram followers that these acts of kindness are little things that matter.

Fans of The Kelly Clarkson Show host responded in kind to the video, the #GoodNeighborChallenge, and their love for Kelly in the corresponding comments section of the post.

“Never lose your compassion and sensitivity. Best daytime tv show!” said one viewer and fan of Kelly.

A second viewer responded how great this challenge was, noting that it was great to know there are still good people in the world and thanked Kelly for shining a light on all the quiet and random acts of kindness neighbors do for one another without expecting anything in return.

“My little one loves the good neighbor challenge and now goes up to kids who are sitting alone and tells them she will be their friend so they don’t feel alone anymore. Thank you, Kelly Clarkson, for helping shine a light on the good in the world and encouraging others to do so!” said a third fan of the show.

Kelly sported a stunning black dress in the video, with sleeves that opened up just past her elbows and cascaded into a large, draping bottom that flowed away from her wrists. Paired with the dress was a stunning series of chunky, gold necklaces that the singer and talk show host matched with oversized gold hoop earrings.

Her makeup was muted, matching her skin tone, and Kelly’s signature red lips were traded for a stunning and shimmering pale pink lipstick.