Is a blog a blog if it doesn’t have an RSS feed – even if you’re Bill Gates?

Wow .. Old Billy Boy sure seems to be getting this social media thing down pat. He’s on Twitter as a verified account (@billgates) with some 238,000+ followers (he is only following 40 people) and he’s apparently restarted his Facebook page.

Then to really top it off it seems that he has launched a blog called Gates Notes. This is were he is supposedly going to share his thoughts and travels around the world with us peons.

Don’t get me wrong I think this is a great idea and I’ve followed him on Twitter; even knowing the chances of him following back are nil. However when I went to add his blog to my feedreader I was stymied.

His blog doesn’t have an RSS feed.

I realize this isn’t earth shattering but after obviously putting out the effort to make himself accessible it is really strange that one of the cornerstones of social media isn’t available on his blog.

Hey Bill – how about turning on the RSS stream?