‘Maxim’ Bombshell Rachel Bush Bursts Out Of Pink Bikini In Racy Mirror Selfie

Rachel Bush poses for a selfie.
Rachel Bush / Instagram

Rachel Bush is giving her Instagram followers an eyeful — all while sparking some meaningful conversation.

The Maxim model took to the social media site on Sunday night to share a very racy selfie of herself standing in front of a mirror wearing a pink bikini that just barely covered her curves. The Instagram picture was a smash hit, garnering thousands of likes within minutes of being posted on Sunday evening.

While Rachel was clearly in a mood to show off, the caption showed that she was also ready to open up to fans. The 22-year-old model asked fans for their best “would you rather” questions, and there were plenty who obliged.

Bush answered several of the questions, including whether she would rather have super human strength or be able to fly (Rachel said she would rather fly) or if she had a second child, would she prefer it to be a boy or a girl (Rachel, who already has a toddler daughter, said she would like a boy to even things out).

Though Rachel has exploded in popularity over the course of the last year, shooting past the 1 million follower mark and getting featured in Maxim, she has worked hard to maintain close connections to her fans. She frequently shares open-ended questions to spark conversations with them, and has even hosted a series of events both in her summer home in Florida and in Buffalo, where she lives with husband Jordan Poyer, who is the starting safety for the Buffalo Bills.

This includes giving fans an up-close glimpse of the life of a busy football wife. During the NFL season, Rachel and her daughter frequently hit the road to watch Jordan and the Bills. Earlier this week, she shared some video from a baby shower for one of the other player’s wives, showing her husband and his teammates competing to see who could chug a baby bottle the fastest.

In her post on Sunday night, made just a few hours after the Bills wrapped up the season and prepared for the playoffs, some of her fans had football on their mind. One of them asked a “would you rather” question related to the Bills, asking Rachel whether she would rather have to gain 35 pounds or never attend a Bills game again.

It was an easy answer for Bush — she would take the 35 pounds, as long as she could split it up between new muscle and the rest in her backside, and continue supporting her husband and his teammates.