Hannah Palmer Flaunts Cleavage And Pert Derriere In Pink Bikini With Extra Strings And Brazilian Bottoms

Hannah revealed that she's missing the beach.

Hannah Palmer takes a mirror selfie.
Hannah Palmer / Instagram

Hannah revealed that she's missing the beach.

Hannah Palmer brightened the days of her many admirers with a new sizzling bikini video. Unfortunately, the sun-drenched Bang Energy drink promo made the model miss the sun and the sand of its filming location.

On Sunday, Hannah took to Instagram to share the steamy ad with her 1.2 million Instagram followers. The blond bombshell was shown sporting a vibrant neon pink bikini with a unique design that increased the amount of cleavage she was able to showcase.

The front of her halter-style bathing suit top was held together by three thin strings, which were stretching to contain her ample chest. The large opening between the bikini top’s cups displayed the rounded curves of her cleavage, and the gap exposed more of the center portion of her chest than most classic triangle tops.

Hannah’s bottoms were a classic Brazilian style with high side straps, a cheeky scrunch back, and a wide V design. The bottoms left much of her pert derriere completely bare. The garment also dipped down low in the front to expose the social media sensation’s sculpted stomach.

Hannah wore her layered blond hair in soft, natural waves. As usual, she let her natural beauty shine with soft, understated makeup that included a light application of mascara, a bright berry lip, and rosy pink blusher on her round cheeks.

The buxom blond was shown posing in front of a wooden staircase. She played with her hair while giving the camera a flirty smile, and she took a few gulps of Bang Energy drink from a colorful can that matched her bikini. Hannah was also shown tugging on her bikini bottoms and crouching down on her knees in the sand.

Her steamy video was filmed on a gorgeous beach, and a few scenes were shot in front of a backdrop of lush green plants. In the caption of her post, Hannah revealed that she’s currently in Arizona, but she’d rather be back at the beach.

Over the course of a few hours, her video has garnered more than 21,000 likes from her ardent admirers.

“Mercy, you always make my day,” read one response to her video. “Love you so much. So incredible in hot pink.”

“You are the most beautiful woman in the universe,” declared another fan.

“Your smile is the sweetest in the world,” gushed a third commenter.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hannah recently gave her followers the perfect holiday gift. The model shared a photo of herself rocking a Santa hat and a festive red outfit with a thong back that put her curvy derriere on full display.