WWE Rumors: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Team To Be Split

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After teasing it on television recently, WWE could finally be set to split up the team of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. However, according to Wrestling Observer Radio‘s Dave Meltzer, there have been plans to turn both superstars into single performers for months now.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, Meltzer believes that the company wants to break them apart because they’ve been together for a while, though he doesn’t believe that the decision will benefit either superstar.

“Well, they were going to do it, they were going to do it before WrestleMania. They had the whole thing planned, and then they just dropped it. You know it’s like one of those things where again, sometimes you do stuff, you break up a team, and not that they are a hot team, because they are really not, they are just there, I mean if you break them up it’s just whatever. It’s not like a big deal one way or the other.”

Meltzer also believes that WWE will push Rose because of the way she looks. She has been receiving some attention lately after becoming the object of Otis’ desires in a storyline. However, Meltzer believes that this will mark the beginning of a push for Rose.

The angle with Otis has created a rift between Rose and Deville. For example, Rose didn’t accompany Deville to ringside on the last episode of the show for her match, suggesting that the company is starting to toy with the idea of making them go solo.

.@WWE_MandyRose & @SonyaDevilleWWE are bringing the fight to @AlexaBliss_WWE & @NikkiCrossWWE on #RAW! pic.twitter.com/lxhCvudVLp

— WWE (@WWE) August 20, 2019

Should the storyline between Rose and Otis go the distance, she will likely become affiliated with him and his tag team partner, Tucker Knight. The duo are one of the most popular teams on Friday Night SmackDown, and throwing Rose into the mix would add a new dimension to the team.

It remains to be seen when — or if — WWE will trigger the split. However, Meltzer fears that Deville will get lost in the shuffle as a singles star, since breaking them apart is being done without long-term plans for the superstar. Many WWE fans likely feel the same way, as there is a general opinion that she’s being overlooked in favor of other women receiving pushes.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Deville believes that she has time on her side and that she’ll be given main event opportunities at some point. For now, though, she appears content to wait on the fringes until that day comes.