WWE News: Goldberg Explains How ‘The Streak’ Came About And Which WCW Star He Wanted To Put Over

Goldberg talks about his days in WCW and how his magical streak happened.

Goldberg stands in the ring as the WWE Universal Champion.

Goldberg talks about his days in WCW and how his magical streak happened.

Before arriving in WWE, Bill Goldberg had one of the most outstanding runs ever of anyone in WCW or any wrestling promotion. Even though his days in WCW are long gone, there is still some life left in the former World Heavyweight Champion. Recently, Goldberg has been speaking on some of his past moments and he’s now revealed how “The Streak” came into existence and who he wanted to put over while in WCW.

During his run in WCW, Goldberg racked up a streak of 173-0 before losing to Kevin Nash thanks to some interference from Scott Hall. Many have wondered how a guy with virtually no wrestling experience ended up with an angle as popular and famous as “The Streak.”

On a recent episode of Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg revealed that nothing was planned. He said that his undefeated streak simply happened because they tried it and it worked really well as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“The streak was organic. My timing was organic. No one had a plan. It was just kind of shot from the hip and fed people at a time when satiating people’s desires was the cool thing to do… They wanted more. There was no planning.”

Interestingly enough, Goldberg said he didn’t want Kevin Nash to be the one to end his streak, but he did have someone else in mind.

Goldberg prepares to deliver a "Spear" in the match.

WCW truly had some huge stars on their roster during that time other than Nash, Hall, and Goldberg. Hulk Hogan, Sting, Ric Flair, and numerous others could have come out and beaten Goldberg to end “The Streak,” but he had someone else in mind that no-one would have expected.

Goldberg told Austin that he wanted Bobby Eaton to be the one to end his streak as the former champion wanted to put him over. As a matter of fact, Goldberg begged Arn Anderson to allow Eaton to end the streak, but WCW simply wouldn’t allow it.

“We’re still in the middle of my streak and I still don’t know sh*t from Shinola, right? And we’re in [Eaton’s] home-frickin’-town, right? And he’s putting me over that night and I am begging Arn Anderson to let me put [Eaton] over. Whether it’s a show or not, I wanted him to be the man that night and it meant everything to me.”

At the time, Goldberg says he didn’t realize the “brevity of the streak,” but he now knows that allowing Eaton to end it would have “ruined everything.” That kind of selflessness goes to show you, though, that Goldberg was the man in WCW but still wanted to give credit to those who helped him in his career.