Christina Applegate May Join Ed Helms In ‘Vacation’ Reboot

Christina Applegate

It seems like we’ve been hearing about the Vacation remake/reboot for some time now. At first we reported that Ed Helms is said to be playing an older version of Rusty Griswold, and now it’s said that TV veteran Christina Applegate might be joining Helms in the reboot.

Although it’s not official, it’s reported that Christina Applegate might play Rusty’s wife, who “may be losing interest in him.” If you ask us Applegate, who’s known to flip the script by playing quirky characters will fit in well with the Griswold clan. The actress was hilarious in Married With Children, and on the big screen she has stolen scenes from plenty of comedian actors.

What’s even more promising about the Vacation series is that Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are said to be in discussions to reprise their roles as the two completely clueless parents. So far there’s no word whether or not anyone will be playing Rusty’s sister Audrey. The last actress to play the role was Marisol Nichols. That said, we’re secretly hoping actress Juliette Lewis can work something out to reprise her role. Lewis played Audrey in the famous Christmas Vacation.

The last time we heard from the Griswold gang was in 1997 in Vegas Vacation. In addition to Vegas Vacation, the series also includes the original Vacation (1983), European Vacation (1985), and Christmas Vacation (1989). Throughout every film D’Angelo and Chase reprised their roles, but the films couldn’t hold on to the actors for the kids. The last actor to play Rusty was Ethan Embry in 1997’s Vegas Vacation.

If Christina Applegate indeed joins Ed Helms in the new Vacation film, it could have found its best pair of actors yet. However, we’re still holding out on our opinion of this film until we hear who will play Audrey, or if she’ll even appear in the film.

Are you excited to see Vacation?

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