Derick Dillard Labels Jill Duggar An 'Abuse Victim' And Says She Must Get Permission To Visit Her Family Home

Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, has been using social media to air his grievances about his wife's famous family and their reality shows. As reported by In Touch Weekly, the former Counting On star claimed that Jill's access to her family has been severely restricted by her father, Jim Bob Duggar. Derick also accused TLC of threatening "an abuse victim" to keep her on TV.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the topic of Jill and Derick's relationship with her parents came up when Derick posted a Christmas photo on Instagram. Fans wanted to know why Jill and Derick weren't in any of the holiday photos snapped at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's home in Arkansas, and Derick revealed that this is because he and his wife no longer appear on Counting On.

In a followup comment, Derick shared details about what Jill has to go through to visit her family members. He claimed that Jill isn't allowed to return to the house she grew up in when her father isn't there. He also revealed that Jill had to go through Jim Bob when Jessa asked for her older sister to assist with her home birth.

"It's harder now because we're not allowed at the house when JB [Jim Bob] isn't there," Derick wrote. "Jill even had to ask JB permission to go over to the house to help her sister when she was in labor because her sister wanted her help, but Jill couldn't provide the assistance until we got it cleared with JB."

Derick also revealed that Jim Bob is the only member of his family who has a contract with TLC. One of his followers asked him why he and Jill kept doing the show if they weren't getting compensated, and Derick claimed that TLC threatened the couple with a potential lawsuit. In his response, he referred to Jill as "an abuse victim."

"We were pressured to think that we were required to and that we would get sued if we didn't," Derick wrote. "It's not going to look good for TLC when it's exposed that they pressured an abuse victim to continue filming when we tried to quit, just so they could continue with Jill & Jessa: Counting On after 19K&C."

Derick's comment about Jill being an abuse victim was in reference to her older brother Josh's sexual molestation scandal. In 2015, Jill and another of Josh's victims, Jessa Duggar, appeared on The Kelly File to talk about being inappropriately touched by Josh when they were children. Both girls downplayed what their brother did, and Jill didn't describe his actions as abuse. However, she did describe herself as a victim.

"The victims are the only ones who can speak for themselves," Jill said of her and Jessa's decision to talk about their brother's actions.

Many of Derick's Instagram followers responded to his comment about Jill being a victim with sympathetic remarks.

"It really angers me that the parents allow an abuser to run free at their home yet ban an abuse victim. I don't understand that mind set at all," read one response to his revelation.

He was also applauded for labeling what happened to his wife as "abuse."

"Nice of you to acknowledge Jill's abuse! I'm glad some people have some sense involved with this family about what abuse is," wrote one fan.

Derick has teased that he might write a tell-all book someday, so fans may eventually get to learn more about the inner workings of the Duggar family and their reality shows.