Hoda Kotb Shares Cute Video Of Baby Hope Standing Up, But Makes A Confession About Her Daughter’s Big ‘First’

Hoda called her mother a 'baby whisperer.'

Hoda Kotb attends Hudson River Park Friends Playground Committee Fourth Annual Luncheon
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Hoda called her mother a 'baby whisperer.'

Hoda Kotb had an extra reason to celebrate with her family after the holidays were over. On Friday, the Today Show co-host took to Twitter to share an adorable video of her 8-month-old daughter, Hope Catherine, standing up.

It was a big first for the tiny tot, who was adopted by Hoda and her fiancé, Joel Schiffman, in April of this year. Unfortunately, Hoda revealed that she didn’t manage to capture Hope’s actual first time standing up on camera. This is because the proud mom didn’t have her phone out when the little girl decided to perform her impressive feat. Luckily, Hope wasn’t finished practicing standing on her own two feet.

Hoda’s video was shot in a playroom full of toys. Her mother, Sameha, was shown sitting on a gray futon couch with a seat that was pretty low to the ground. Sameha had a colorful toy in her hand, and she was shaking it at Hope. She also coaxed the tot to move toward her by repeating the words “come on.”

Hope was laser-focused on the toy in her grandmother’s hand as she determinedly crawled across the floor. The little girl moved pretty quickly, and she proved that she was already a pro at standing up by gripping the edge of the couch with her hands and pulling herself to her feet.

Hoda’s other daughter, 2-year-old Haley Joy, could be seen tossing a ball in the background as her little sister took her next big step towards beginning to walk. Hope’s accomplishment got a round of applause from her mother and grandmother, but Haley was too preoccupied with her playing to acknowledge her sibling’s achievement.

In her tweet, Hoda called her mother “the baby whisperer” for getting Hope to stand up on her own.

Hoda’s Twitter followers were thrilled that she decided to share Hope’s big first with them, even if it wasn’t technically the first time she stood up.

“You have your mom’s smile! And yeah for the Herculean feat! Standing up is a big deal!” read one response to her cute family video.

“Congrats Hope. And congrats to mommy and grandma witnessing this monumental moment!!” another fan remarked.

Quite a few of Hoda’s followers also commented on how fast Hope seems to be growing.

“How cute. She’s getting so big learning so much,” wrote one fan. “Won’t be long and you won’t be able to keep up with her and her big sister.”

“So cute! She looks so tall!” another admirer remarked.

This isn’t Hope’s big first that happened during a holiday; she crawled for the first time while Hoda’s family was celebrating Thanksgiving.