Identical Twin Models Pauline & Mathilde Tantot Rock Matching Outfits In 25th Birthday Post

Pauline and Mathilde Tantot take a selfie.
Mathilde Tantot / Instagram

Identical twin models, Pauline and Mathilde Tantot, were spotted on the former’s Instagram page earlier today. She posted the shot to commemorate their 25th birthday with a sweet shout-out to her sister. The duo was seen sporting matching outfits.

They posed against a rectangular table in a high-ceilinged room. Pauline faced the camera and placed her hands on the sides of the table. She wore a light-colored crop tank with thick straps. It had a low neckline, which left her cleavage showing. She paired it with light denim pants. The waistline rested an inch below her belly button, which helped her flaunt her toned abs. The stunner gave a flirty look with her lips parted, with a hint of a smile. She wore her hair down and brushed a portion in front of her left shoulder. A charm necklace could be seen.

Meanwhile, Mathilde stood close to her sister. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the left. She faced one shoulder towards the camera. Her outfit closely resembled her twin’s, except her top was black. And thanks to her pose, her derriere was showing. This revealed that the pants were by Levi’s.

Behind the models was a vase of light pink roses, which was placed on the table. There were clear, acrylic chairs while a black purse could be seen to the left. Plus, a beam of sunlight lit up the back corner of the room.

There were many fans that headed to the comments section. Understandably, there were lots of people that wished Pauline and her twin a happy birthday.

“Happiest of Birthdays girls SOOO GORGEOUS!” gushed a follower.

“Happy birthday, hope u have a great bday and enjoy being 25,” expressed an admirer.

“The prettiest twin angels,” declared a fan.

And for some people, the post offered a revelation.

“Wait yall twins! I thought you just had 2 accounts,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

It’s not unusual for newer followers to be confused about the twins. After all, they share an uncanny resemblance.

In addition to this post, Pauline previously shared another photo set of her and her sister. The post showed them on their stomachs while wearing thong bottoms and baggy hoodies. In the first picture, they both raised their left foot. Mathilde appeared to be talking to her twin. The second image showed Pauline sitting up in the Bambi posed, facing away from the camera. They both wore their hair up in casual buns. Plus, a bright neon light cast a glow on the bed.