Kaley Cuoco Explains Why Her Dog Ruby Has Been Missing From Her Instagram Photos And Videos

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It’s no secret that Kaley Cuoco loves her pack of adorable pooches, but she’s currently being forced to spend time apart from the smallest member of her furry family.

On Friday, Kaley took to her Instagram stories to explain why her fuzzy white terrier, Ruby, hasn’t appeared in any of her latest photos and videos. According to the former Big Bang Theory star, the tiny rescue dog is currently staying with her parents.

Kaley shared a photo of her mother, Layne Cuoco, holding Ruby in her arms. Ruby was clad in a shiny yellow raincoat. In the caption of the cute picture, Kaley revealed that there’s nothing wrong with Ruby. She wrote that the terrier is doing “great,” but she strongly disliked the condo that Kaley and her husband, Karl Cook, are currently living in. The couple has already moved out of their former home, but construction on their new house hasn’t yet been completed. They’re staying in the condo until the work is done.

“She hates our condo,” Kaley wrote of Ruby’s feelings about the temporary digs. “She gets very scared here and insecure,” she added.

Kaley explained that Ruby has been to her parents’ house before and knows it “well,” so she feels more comfortable there. However, Ruby will eventually have to adjust to living in a strange new place.

“The second we move, which is soon, she will be back with us!” Kaley wrote of her future plans for Ruby.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley reunited with her three pit bulls, Norman, Shirley, and Blueberry last weekend. She had to spend a few weeks away from her beloved rescue dogs while she was filming her new HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant.

Kaley shared a few photos and videos of the sweet moment that her pit bulls welcomed her home, which is when fans first noticed Ruby’s absence. Many of Kaley’s followers asked about Ruby in the comments section of a special Instagram post celebrating Kaley’s reunion with Norman. The friendly pit bull was Kaley’s first rescue dog, so he holds a special place in the actress’ heart. Kaley even referred to him as her “truest soulmate.”

However, Kaley has plenty of love to go around, and she clearly cares for little Ruby a lot. The animal lover first met her beloved pet in 2014 while she was shooting an E! News segment at an animal shelter. Kaley was just trying to make the little dog more comfortable by placing blankets on the hard cement floor of her pen, but she and Ruby immediately bonded. Kaley later returned to the shelter to adopt her.

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