WWE News: Former Champion Has ‘Suspicious’ Shoes Torn Apart By Airport Security

Apparently, the former superstar's shoes didn't pass by TSA's standards.

Lance Storm awaits his next opponent in the ring.

Apparently, the former superstar's shoes didn't pass by TSA's standards.

Superstars from WWE and professional wrestlers have to travel all around the world and deal with all kinds of issues and scrutiny. While the security at the airports is in place to keep everyone safe, Lance Storm ended up having to deal with quite a bit of inconvenience this weekend as TSA personnel were dubious of his belongings. As a matter of fact, he had his shoes taken apart due to some parts of them being seen as “suspicious.”

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has tightened up on a lot of things at security checkpoints in recent years, and for very good reasons. Wrestlers have to deal with going through security on a daily or weekly basis, and sometimes, some security agents can be a bit more aggressive than others.

Lance Storm is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion who now works as a producer for the promotion, and he has a vast history in wrestling. On Saturday, he posted on his official Twitter account that he loved his new pair of shoes, but they aren’t the best for going through airport security.

Storm posted a picture of his new Under Armour shoes and said they were really great, but they could cause people problems in security checkpoints.

While Storm didn’t elaborate much on what happened, he did say that his shoes were torn apart by TSA at an airport. His reasoning in his original tweet is that there were “suspicious” electronics in them, but that was all he really explained about it.

A number of Twitter users commented that shoes such as these have Bluetooth technology in them to track movements and exercise patterns. At one point, Storm replied and said, “I know this, they didn’t know this.”

It appears as if the Bluetooth technology in Storm’s shoes were enough to cause the security agents to become suspicious. Instead of just learning what was actually in the pair of shoes, they chose to tear apart his shoes to make sure he didn’t have anything illegal in them.

Lance Storm was a huge part of ECW, WCW, and WWE during many of the big eras in professional wrestling. For years, he has run his own school but revealed back in November of last year that he was returning to WWE to work as a producer for the company.

Seeing as how Storm is going to be traveling a lot with the promotion, he’d better make sure his future pairs of shoes don’t have any “suspicious” technology and wires.