Emily Ratajkowski Snuggles Her Dog In Bed In Seemingly Topless Instagram Pic: 'Ready For 2020'

Emily Ratajkowski is ready for 2020, as she told followers in her latest Instagram photo share.

On Saturday morning, the stunning supermodel took to the popular social media platform to drop a very alluring promotional shot for Kerastase, and floored fans with her flawless look. As if often happens during her Inamorata Woman photo shoots, the sizzling brunette brought her lovable dog, Colombo, along for the ride -- posing together with the gorgeous German shepherd for an adorable snap that instantly won the hearts of her legion of admirers.

As if an appearance from the fan-favorite Colombo wasn't enough to reel in some massive engagement, Emily upped the ante by seemingly going topless for the eye-catching shot. The result was a captivating pic that garnered close to 500,000 likes in just a few hours of having been posted and brought followers to the comments section by the masses.

Emily's new Kerastase ad saw the Sports Illustrated bombshell showing off her luscious mane as she snuggled Colombo in bed. The proud doggie mama and her precious fur baby were resting comfortably on a stack of pillows, all of them sporting white cases. The rest of the bedding was just as immaculate, albeit slightly crimped as Emily and Colombo let nothing get in the way of their comfort. A stylish brick wall painted in a chic off-white color completed the simple yet cozy decor -- one in which Colombo was the only splash of color.

The cute pup was sprawled on Emily's lap, as the model held him in her arms. Colombo has visibly grown since the last time he was featured in one of Emily's photo shoots, and fans took notice of the fact in the comments section. The pup, who has just celebrated his first Christmas, as Emily shared to Instagram earlier this week, completely covered the model's upper body.

The photo captured her from the waist up, yet only her slender arms and one of her shoulders were visible in the shot. However, it was apparent that Emily didn't waste time choosing an outfit, as she seemed to be wearing nothing but a coy smile.

Nevertheless, the photo didn't raise eyebrows for impropriety, as the model was under the covers, exposing only her sculpted shoulder. Meanwhile, her pet pooch lay on top of the comforter, looking at the camera with a goofy expression, and he was inherently stealing the show.

Emily sported a fresh-faced look and didn't appear to be wearing too much makeup. The 28-year-old stunner highlighted her naturally beautiful features with a discreet dark eyeliner and a glossy nude lipstick. She also sported a fabulous manicure, and painted her pointy stiletto nails in a skin-toned color that perfectly matched her lipstick.

The Vogue model wore her chestnut-brown tresses down in a relaxed style, letting her locks frame her face as they fell down her back and over her shoulders. She accessorized with an understated gold necklace and a delicate matching bracelet.

In the caption, Emily talked about her collaboration with Kerastase, describing the experience as "one of the highlights of the last two years of my life."

The photo was very well received by Emily's fans, racking up 1,155 comments from her ardent admirers.

"What a Goddess!!!!" read one message, trailed by three fire emoji.

"Lucky dog," quipped one Instagrammer, a sentiment echoed by several other comments.

"Such a cute photo," declared another follower, adding a string of purple-heart emoji.

One fan liked the photo so much that they decided to borrow it.

"This is the background on my phone now," they wrote, adding, "Colombo just looks too derpy."