Justin Timberlake Abandons ‘William Rast’ Clothing Brand

Justin Timberlake

It isn’t easy to keep a clothing line afloat. Just ask singer Justin Timberlake, who has made his return to the music scene since abandoning it for acting almost seven years ago. It seems as though Timberlake has also unofficially abandoned the clothing brand William Rast.

Timberlake, along with childhood best friend and best man Trace Ayala launched the brand in 2005. At the time the brand promised to combine a country style flair and a touch of class. That was back in 2005 when Timberlake attended many events in William Rast’s honor. Fast forward seven years later, and Timberlake is no longer a face attached to the William Rast clothing line. In fact, Timberlake hasn’t attended any events for the clothing line since 2010.

Since Timberlake has since directed his attention to other endeavors, notably his acting career, his restaurant Southern Comfort, and his “901” tequila brand; the clothing line has suffered, with sales dropping and other outlets not exactly interested putting the brand out on their shelves. However, right now you can purchase the clothing like at JC Penny and bluefly.com. A source goes on to explain the problem with the brand.”Not a lot of retailers wanted it because the perception is [Justin’s] not involved, so why would anyone want to wear it?”

It’s said that Timberlake will always keep the brand close to his heart, since the clothing line’s namesake is a combination of his grandfather’s name and his best friend’s grandfather’s name. As of right now Timberlake is still legally attached to the William Rast name but according to a representative, “by the end of the year, he won’t be anymore.”

Perhaps Justin Timberlake is really trying to make his music a main priority. The actor only has one film in pre-production, and his second album drops in November, which is said to be the second part to his new album The 20/20 Experience. Although we would like to believe Timberlake can do it all, maybe he only wants to conquer one thing at a time?

Are you surprise by Justin Timberlake’s decision to drop William Rast?

[Photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]