Navy SEALs Who Turned In Eddie Gallagher Say He Is ‘Freaking Evil’

Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher walks out of military court during lunch recess on July 2, 2019 in San Diego, California.
Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images

The group of Navy SEALs who accused Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher of war crimes ⁠— for which he was later pardoned for by Donald Trump ⁠— spoke about their platoon leader in never-before-seen video footage obtained and described by The New York Times.

According to Special Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, Gallagher had no problem with murder, The Hill reports.

“You could tell he was perfectly OK with killing anybody that was moving,” said Scott, who was a medic in SEAL Team 7.

The team described Gallagher’s disturbing behavior, including targeting civilians and killing a sedated captive by stabbing him with a hunting knife. According to three SEALs who witnessed the event, Gallagher held a re-enlistment ceremony over the body.

“I was listening to it, and I was just thinking, like, this is the most disgraceful thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Special Operator 1st Class Craig Miller.

“The guy is freaking evil,” Miller said.

“The guy was toxic,” said sniper Special Operator First Class Joshua Vriens.

In response to the charges against him, Gallagher claims that the Navy SEALS behind the accusations are disgruntled because they could not meet his high standards.

“My first reaction to seeing the videos was surprise and disgust that they would make up blatant lies about me, but I quickly realized that they were scared that the truth would come out of how cowardly they acted on deployment,” Gallagher said in a statement released via his lawyer.

Trump’s decision to pardon Gallagher was controversial, with some suggesting it doesn’t send a good message. CNN reports that the president defended his decision at a rally and indicated that the pushback he has received from the Pentagon has come from the “deep state.”

The president’s comments came shortly after Trump’s former secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, criticized his decision. According to Spencer, the decision to let Gallagher off tells United States troops that they can “get away with things.”

Along with Gallagher, Trump pardoned Lt. Clint Lorance and Maj. Matthew Golsteyn. As The Inquisitr previously reported, national security analyst Malcolm Nance believes that Trump’s decision to pardon Gallagher, Lorance, and Golsteyn reflects his belief that he’s a “mafia boss” that heads a “criminal clan.”

Per Breitbart, Nance contrasted Trump’s affinity for war criminals with his history of draft dodging and refusal to serve in the military. According to Nance, Trump “hid behind his father” to avoid entering the war and having his worth as a man put to the test.