UFC News: Former Heavyweight Champion Shares His Pro Wrestling Ambitions

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Frank Mir is currently pursuing a career as a professional wrestler, but the former UFC star wants to pay his dues before he joins one of the top companies in the business. During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, by the way of SEScoops, the mixed martial artist opened up about his approach to the business and revealed that he doesn’t want to disrespect the performers who have been doing it longer than him.

“Well if all of a sudden my first ever pro wrestling match I jumped into AEW or WWE [they would say] what an a**hole! So just on my name I jump out there. I’m not gonna look very good, I’m not going to do a great job. And what does that say to all of the guys who have worked? Have wrestled for fifty f***ing bucks, you know? I mean, like, it’s kind of a spit in their face.”

Mir’s words were in response to a question about the way CM Punk entered MMA. The former WWE superstar was given a UFC fight shortly after leaving WWE, despite having no MMA experience under his belt at the time.

According to Mir, he wasn’t mad at Punk for accepting the opportunity. However, he did have a problem with the spot being offered to someone who didn’t deserve it when there are countless MMA fighters out there that do.

Mir doesn’t want to be viewed the same way as he embarks on his journey toward the squared circle. His aim is to perfect the craft before he appears on the big stage so that he’s able to compete at a high level. Of course, he believes that the transition will come naturally to him, as both sports involve grappling, which he does every single day.

As documented by Fightful, Mir has also declared an interest in fighting Brock Lesnar in a wrestling ring. Mir handed Lesnar his first defeat in UFC, but “The Beast” got his win back in the rematch. With Lesnar retired from MMA, the squared circle is the only place where they can settle the score once and for all.

Mir began his transition into wrestling earlier this year when he competed at a Bloodsport event. Since then, he’s made appearances for Future Stars of Wrestling, where he debuted by confronting Killer Kross.

Mir appears to be taking a different approach to Cain Velasquez, who joined WWE back in October despite having only wrestled one match before then.