December 30, 2019
Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Shows Off Her Strength In Instagram Snap With Daughter Giovanna

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi shows off her strength in a new Instagram snap, taken alongside daughter Giovanna at their New Jersey home. Mother and daughter are seen in the image working on a handstand against a white wall.

In the caption to the post, Nicole shared she was so proud of her only daughter, who shares the same love of both cheer and gymnastics as her mother. Nicole participated in both activities while growing up in Marlboro, New York.

The former Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star revealed that she is proud of her little girl "every single day" as she masters all the difficult and different techniques she is taught in her classes.

The image showed Nicole and her daughter working together to get Giovanna to perfect a straight handstand, a move that takes great upper body strength and uses muscles in the arms, torso, abs, and legs.

Nicole is wearing dark leggings in the pic, coordinating socks and a white and black tank top that appears to be falling as she stands on her hands. The muscles in her back are rippling, showing off her strength as she executes the move.

Next to her mama is Giovanna, or Sissy as she is known to fans of the reality star, who is wearing white and red pajamas as she stands strong, with her hair covering her face, while showing off her moves.

Fans were stunned by the show of strength from Nicole and applauded Giovanna for her hard work in both sports, leaving supportive messages in the comments section of the photo.

"Strong like mommy!" said one follower of the Jersey Shore star.

"And she genuinely seems like she likes it and has fun learning moves!" said a second Instagram fan of Nicole's.

Photos of Giovanna stretching and performing her gymnastics moves are regularly featured on her mother's Instagram page, much to the delight of her fans.

"She's sooo good, imagine by the time she's 10!! Can't wait to see those tumbles and her first backflip!! Goo Sissy go!" said another fan encouraging the little girl to continue to believe and achieve in her goals.

Nicole posted a video of herself to her official YouTube channel in 2016 taking to the mat for the first time in seven years when her son Lorenzo was a small boy. Since that time, Nicole is now a mom of three, adding daughter Giovanna and baby Angelo to the family she shares with husband Jionni LaValle.

In the accompanying caption to the clip, Nicole revealed that she missed cheer so much and that it was her "everything" when she was growing up. The reality star then remarked that she worked up her nerve to try and start tumbling and stunting again, but forgot just how challenging perfecting those moves was.