Kate Beckinsale Stuns In Workout Gear As She Jokes About Bono

Kate Beckinsale wears a black dress.
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale shared a new Instagram photo with her fans today, one where she stunned in tight workout gear that included a sports bra and leggings. And unsurprisingly, she paired the image with a silly caption, this time making a joke about U2 singer Bono.

The actress was photographed while leaning against a large, concrete column. She popped her right knee up while glancing down at the ground. Her outfit was mostly black, with a dash of color on her leggings. These featured yellow accents on the sides of her legs, which was broken up with a piece of mesh fabric. The actress then completed her look with a pair of dark sneakers.

The Underworld star wore her hair pulled back into a casual ponytail, with short bangs framing her face. She also wore a pair of reflective sunglasses with pink-and-yellow lenses and a white frame. And while her pose made it impossible to know if she was rocking a necklace, her small hoop earrings were visible.

Kate pursed her lips for a small pout. She was standing next to an unidentified person who had their elbows in the air. Beyond that was an expansive scenery with mountain ranges and grassy hills, the sun casting a golden glow on the ground.

Even though the picture seemed serious, the stunner made sure to infuse her humor by saying she was hoping someone would mistake her for Bono.

Fans headed to the comments section to leave their thoughts on the update, many of whom complimented the bombshell’s good looks.

“How are we the same age and you look like that and I look like this?” complained an admirer.

“You look FANTASTIC stop that nonsense,” the actress responded.

Others referred to the captions.

“Uh…I would rather have you looking like YOU, Kate…,” expressed a follower.

“If it makes you feel better, unaware of his distaste for concrete, I initially thought this was a photo of Bono,” remarked a fan.

“Oddly, he is ALWAYS on his tippy toes. Most people miss that,” noted a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the beauty shared another social media update earlier this month that showed her rocking workout gear. This time, she opted for a white sports bra and leggings., also wearing a robe with her first name embroidered on the back. She stood with a hood over her head and took in the view. The actress looked at the camera with a silly smile on her face, before the clip focused on showing off the back of her outfit.