Kelly Gale Rocks A Green Bikini Top With A Sexy Cutout During Bali Trip

Kelly Gale wears a pink dress.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Kelly Gale shared another new update from her Bali trip with her Instagram fans today. There were two pictures in total, both taken in close succession to one another. She was seen rocking a revealing green bikini top with a sexy cutout.

The first photo showed Kelly kicking back with her legs stretched in front of her. She propped herself up with her arms, and glanced into the distance with a hint of a pout on her face. Her hair was worn down and brushed behind her back. The model posed on a wooden deck with what appeared to be an infinity pool behind her. Beyond that were expansive ocean views, made even more dramatic by the colorful sunrise.

Her green bikini top was most easily seen in the first image. It had thin straps and a large cutout in the center. This left much of her chest on display. And while her bottoms only peeked through, it was possible to see that they featured a thong cut.

A second image from the set was of the stunner in the same spot. Except this time, she sat up with her knees bent. Kelly placed her arms casually on her legs while continuing to gaze at the scenery.

The rising sun meant that Kelly was bathed in a golden glow. It lit up her face and ripped abs, while leaving her legs in the shadows.

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Good morning!????

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Fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the new images.

“You look great in that morning light,” complimented an admirer.

“You know you’re hot when you steal the show from a great sunrise,” wrote a follower.

The sunrise was yellow with hints of orange and purple. Meanwhile, the top of the frame revealed blue skies with wispy white clouds.

“*Screenshots for motivation,” noted a fan.

“Film an ab workout for YouTube!!” requested a fourth Instagram user.

In fact, the bombshell’s abs were mentioned by many of her fans.

Kelly shared another bikini pic just yesterday. She posed by the infinity pool, also during a sunrise. But instead of a green bikini, she opted for a yellow ensemble. The model crouched on her toes while leaning against a column. The pool waters rippled below her, and the sunlight made her skin look flawless and glowing. She wore her hair up in a ponytail and accessorized with a necklace. Tropical foliage peeked through on the right side of the frame.