Chanel West Gets Flirty In A Sequin Bodysuit & Tight Leggings On Instagram

Chanel West Coast wears a black bra.
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Chanel West Coast shared a flirty new photo set with her followers on Instagram today. There were two pictures in total, and her varying poses showed off her outfit from the front and from the back. She rocked a sparkling ensemble, which was attributed to her sequin bodysuit and glittering thigh-high boots.

Both images were taken on a white staircase with wooden steps. The first shot showed Chanel standing with her legs apart. She popped her right hip, and glanced down to her right with a smile on her face. She raised her left hand up to her hair, and placed her other hand on her hips.

The sequin top was dazzling and tight fitting, with thick straps. The rapper opted to wear a pair of white leggings with a high waistline. In addition, Chanel sported an equally eye-catching pair of boots. The boots had spiky heels and shined brightly in the light.

The second photo of the set showed the Ridiculousness star posing with her back facing the camera. She placed one foot on a higher step and looked over her right shoulder. This time, her expression was more serious; she opted for a pouty look.

The “Sharon Stoned” rapper wore her hair down in a side part. She gave her locks luxurious curls, which cascaded down her back. Her makeup included shimmery purple hues on her eyelids and glossy lipstick. She accessorized with multiple bracelets and a charm necklace. One bracelet, in particular, was chunky and matched her outfit perfectly. It was just as sparkly as her top and shoes.

Fans sent their love in the comments section.

“Absolutely love your hair like this…you make that outfit [fire],” declared an admirer, who used the fire emoji to make their point.

“White is def yo color! always so beautiful!” gushed a follower.

“Hello icy angel very GORGEOUS,” raved a fan, referring to the captions.

“Pretty spectacular!! Absolutely breathtaking,” exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the bombshell was spotted in another bodysuit. In that pic, it was a purple outfit with long pants. Chanel was seen kicking back on an outdoor patio. Her bodysuit had a hippie vibe, thanks to the tie-dye design. She paired it with a denim jacket and chunky light pink boots. The rapper held a sangria in her right hand while throwing up the peace sign with her other hand. In addition, she rocked dark aviator sunglasses and multiple necklaces.