Danielle Knudson Flaunts Toned Bod In Cut-Out Swimsuit

Danielle Knudson wears a white outfit.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Danielle Knudson shared a new Instagram photo with her followers today. It showed her posing in a cut-out swimsuit, which allowed her to showcase her shapely body.

The one-piece was a deep red color. It had thin straps and two large cutouts in the front, including one right below her chest and another on her midriff.

The model stood with her right shoulder facing the camera. She placed her hands behind her on a wooden beam and popped her knee into the air, standing on her left toes for the shot. She tilted her head back to her right and closed her eyes and smiled with her lips closed. Her blond hair fell behind her shoulders, while her slender legs and toned abs were on display thanks to the pose.

In addition, the backdrop was also eye-catching. A building could be seen among the tropical foliage. It had two stories and a primitive look with exposed wooden beams.

The palm trees and shrubbery in the background added a ton of color to the photo. The area that Danielle stood on appeared to be a patio, with stairs that led down to the first floor.

The model is likely in Mexico, as she previously revealed her location in another Instagram update from five days ago.

And even though she’s in a tropical paradise, the photo was taken on a cloudy day. It didn’t seem to faze Danielle, however, as she looked extremely happy to be there. Despite the lack of sunlight, she was well-illuminated in the shot. Her skin looked especially tan for December, but even then, her makeup was difficult to discern. At the least, she appeared to go for a natural look.

Her captions also hinted that she was in a hotel with treehouse-like dwellings.

Fans had nothing but nice things to say to the bombshell in the comments section.

“My God you are beautiful,” raved an admirer.

“Beautiful love the swimsuit,” wrote a follower.

“Stunning,” declared a fan.

“Exceptional,” noted a fourth Instagram user.

Prior to the new update, Danielle shared another revealing post a day ago. That time, the beauty was spotted in a leopard-print bikini top that had black spots on a dark brown background. The beauty held her phone in one hand to take a video, opting to wear her hair down and accessorizing with a charm necklace. The model moved the camera quickly as she stood up, giving fans a quick glimpse at her surroundings.