‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Struggles With Her Plan For Revenge As Wedding Surprises Loom

Nina has a plan, but will she stick to it?

General Hospital stars James Patrick Stuart and Cynthia Watros.
Valerie Durant / ABC Press

Nina has a plan, but will she stick to it?

Nina Reeves and Valentin Cassadine are about to get hitched very soon on ABC’s General Hospital. Their first wedding was interrupted by the fake daughter bombshell, which led to their breakup. Valentin is under the assumption that Nina still wants a life together, despite all that has happened. However, is she planning on getting her revenge at this wedding?

It’s going to be yet another short week for General Hospital the week of New Year’s. According to SheKnows Soaps, only Monday, Thursday, and Friday will have new episodes showing. Tuesday is expected to be a rerun from 2017, while Wednesday will swap sports in place of the soap for the holiday. However, it doesn’t sound like there will be a lack of high drama during the rest of the week. Nina is gearing up to marry Valentin, but little does he know that she is setting up her plan to get back for the lies he told her about her daughter, and she will have proof of it as well.

General Hospital spoilers indicates that the Crimson editor will get hold of a file that is proof that her fiance was definitely the one behind it, not Sasha. That seems to be the last straw for her and she is about to give Valentin exactly what he deserves, However, Sasha will stir something up inside of Nina after she tells her that she should just move on with her would-be husband and enjoy their future together.

That brings Nina to be up in the air about what she is doing the closer the nuptials get. Spoilers from the current print version of Soap Opera Digest tease that she will struggle with her feelings of love for Valentin and also her need for revenge over what he did to her. The struggle will be real right up to the moment she walks down the aisle.

The magazine also indicates that Valentin could very well have another surprise coming. Fans are pretty sure that Nikolas Cassadine will be crashing the wedding. A preview clip for the beginning of 2020 reveals that there will be some huge revelations coming up. The look on Laura’s face while attending the wedding gives a big hint that her not-so-dead son could show up unexpectedly. That may indeed happen even before Nina has a chance to blow up Valentin’s happiness with the file proving that he lied about Sasha.

Valentin Cassadine is about to get some unexpected drama, and fans are waiting to see if it will come from Nina, Nikolas, or someone else.