A Colorado Woman Was Discovered Hiding 26 Children Behind A False Wall Inside Her Daycare Center

Photo of a police car
diegoparra / Pixabay

Colorado resident Carla Faith was discovered hiding 26 children behind a false wall inside of a daycare center, reports CBS News.

The daycare center and preschool, Play Mountain Place, was part of the 58-year-old woman’s home. She is being formally accused of “hiding neglected children behind a false wall in her home.”

AP News states that Faith was arrested “on suspicion of two counts of reckless child abuse without injury and a single count of trying to influence a public servant.”

The CBS News article claims the case came to a head last month. Officers in Colorado Springs received calls from worried neighbors and witnesses who reported a high amount of children living at Faith’s home.

When the officers arrived, Faith did not want to cooperate.

She allegedly “told a human services worker that same day that no children were at the facility, even though a mother reported leaving her child there.”

She also lied to the police by stating there were no kids at her home and that she didn’t even have a basement.

They eventually heard the children from somewhere inside the house. Further investigation led them to the false wall.

The article states that the arresting officers found 26 children in total. All of them were in poor health and none were over the age of three. It was reported that many of the toddlers were “visibly dehydrated” and sitting in “wet or soiled diapers.”

Play Mountain Place was only authorized to care for six children, per AP News.

Play Mountain Place is not the only daycare facility run by Faith. She owns four others in Colorado. Due to this chilling discovery, all of them will be thoroughly investigated and shutdown.

AP News reports that three other women, Valerie Fresquez, Christina Swauger, and Katelynne Nelson, were also arrested. Fresquez was released, although she may be charged with a misdemeanor. Swauger is facing the same criminal charges as Faith.

Nelson recently posted a $1,000 bond and could also face a felony charge for being in “possession of a controlled substance.”

The parents and teachers affiliated with Faith’s daycare centers are devastated by the discovery.

CBS News spoke with mother Jeanette Condor.

“We all feel completely betrayed. It’s so hard to trust your children with people, and we felt like we could really trust them.”

It’s not surprising that on top of being charged with child abuse, Faith will be facing multiple lawsuits from parents who previously let their children attend her daycare centers.