WWE Rumors: Former Champions Returning To TV Soon After Six-Month Absence

After months out of the ring, the popular tag team is coming back soon.

The Usos head to the ring for their next match.

After months out of the ring, the popular tag team is coming back soon.

Tag teams are sometimes seen as a dying thing in professional wrestling, but WWE certainly still has some very talented squads on their roster. One tag team that has had tremendous success and is very popular is The Usos, but they have been missing in action for the better part of the year. Now, rumors are flying that Jimmy and Jey are about to return to action and they’ll soon be going after the title on Monday Night Raw.

The art of tag team wrestling hasn’t been nearly as popular or in the spotlight as it was for many decades, but a comeback is always possible. In WWE, there are very good teams on Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, and in NXT, but they simply need their chance to shine and rise to the top.

The Usos have had a great deal of success in WWE as they have captured the Tag Team Championship twice and won the blue brand’s titles on four different occasions. They have not yet won the Raw Tag Team Championship which is currently in the possession of The Viking Raiders, but they may soon have their chance.

According to WrestleVotes, the creative team in WWE has been told to come up with ideas for the return of The Usos. As of this time, they are scheduled to remain as members of the Raw roster, but that could end up changing before they actually return to television.

Back in July, Jimmy Uso was arrested for a DUI, but he ended up being found not guilty on any of those charges. The tag team really hasn’t been seen on WWE television or even at any live events since that time as they were pulled from everything, and that includes an autograph signing at SummerSlam.

There were rumors that WWE was going to bring them back for the FOX premiere of Friday Night SmackDown in early October. That episode came and went, though, without any sign of Jimmy or Jey which meant fans would go without seeing them for even longer.

Officially, the last match that The Usos had was a loss to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows on Monday Night Raw on July 29, 2019.

The Usos cut a promo on SmackDown Live

Even though The Usos have dealt with their fair share of trouble outside of the ring, they are still a vital part of the WWE’s tag team division. They have been missing from TV for the last half of the year and it has been noticeable by all of those who watch the programming. Now, rumors have them coming back soon and they should end up right back in the title scene before too long.