‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’: Creators Tight-Lipped On Wii U Release

'Aliens Colonial Marines' creators are being tight-lipped over release

Aliens: Colonial Marines is just over a week from supposed release on the Wii U, and the creators are staying tight-lipped about the details.

The licensed shooter is due by the end of March, and there is still no comment from developer Demiurge or publisher Sega, despite a delay-ridden history. On the bright side, the Wii U version appears to be the best-looking one of the bunch.

A representative from Sega told GameSpot, “We’re still not commenting on [Aliens: Colonial Marines] at this point. Sorry, I don’t have better news.”

Similarly, a representative from the Cambridge, Massachusetts developer added, “I’m sorry to say that we at Demiurge can’t really comment.”

Even Gearbox Software, though not directly involved, sees the game regularly, and they won’t comment on the release details.

Are they having internal troubles keeping the game from being released on time? Is Aliens: Colonial Marines on the verge of being canceled over lackluster results? Nobody knows.

Retailer listings vary on the actual release date for the game, with GameStop saying it’s due on December 31 and Target saying it’s much closer, on May 31. We can only hope that if the game is worth the shelf space, it doesn’t end up being vaporware (a term meaning it was never released in spite of high hopes). Best Buy and Gamefly have it in their records with no date attached, and Amazon, the online retail mega-mogul (who usually lists items pre-release for pre-orders), doesn’t even have Aliens: Colonial Marines listed for the Wii U.

Nintendo’s product page says the game is right on track for release by March 31.

Critics everywhere last month posted scathing reviews for the game on other consoles, saying Aliens: Colonial Marines was a “disappointing exercise in bland corridor shooting,” an “unfettered disaster,” and the like.

It could be that the game may be getting canceled, if Demiurge hasn’t gone back to the drawing board to rework the game and address what the critics have already said, before releasing the latest incarnation.

Why do you think the creators of Aliens: Colonial Marines are being tight-lipped over the Wii U release?