Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Tensions For Carly & Sonny Over Jax & The Nikolas Secret

Laura Wright and Maurice Benard portray Carly and Sonny on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Spoilers for Monday’s episode of General Hospital suggest that tempers will flare as Sonny pushes Carly to come clean on whatever she and Jax are hiding. She has spent a lot of time recently trying to cover and stall, but he’s becoming increasingly angry about this. New teasers detail that the week of December 30 will kick off with more drama on this front.

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Sonny and Carly’s drama will continue throughout the coming week. Jason will be dragged into the middle of this and it seems that he will even push back against Sonny to a degree.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Friday’s episode teased a few additional tidbits about what happens next between Sonny and Carly. General Hospital spoilers share that Sonny will grill Carly after she’s returned somewhere and she will ask if this is another interrogation.

Carly might be trying to banter here a bit, but it looks like things will become rather intense fairly quickly. Sonny will ask if she is ready to confess, and Carly won’t wither at this sharp comment.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will retort that she is ready to confess that she is fed up with her husband treating her like the enemy. Sonny will then dig in and say he wouldn’t have to treat her that way if she would just tell him the truth.

At this point, Carly will tell Sonny that it is time she told him the truth. Will she really tell him that Nikolas is alive and that he’s been staying with Jax? That seems unlikely, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she may push Jax even harder to wrap this mess up right away.

It does sound as if Jason will get pulled into this further as well. However, viewers know that he will be a bit distracted in the coming week.

Jason’s plea for help from Ned was successful and Sam was paroled in time to get home to Scout and Danny for Christmas. Sam’s release will be a welcome distraction by many in this circle in the coming week, but not enough to smooth things over fully between Sonny and Carly.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Monday’s episode will bring another conversation between Carly and Jax, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jax will pay a visit to Wyndemere. Nina will be popping up during the next episode too and she’s said to be put on notice by somebody.

The week ahead will focus a great deal on Nina and Valentin’s wedding that is slated to happen on New Year’s Eve. General Hospital spoilers hint that there are wild moments on the way with all of this and fans are anxious to see what comes next.