Bruna Rangel Lima Shows Sideboob In Thong Bodysuit On Instagram

Bruna Rangel Lima takes a selfie.
Bruna Rangel / Instagram

Bruna Rangel Lima shared a stunning new Instagram update today with her fans. She was spotted in a thong bodysuit. She tugged at her outfit it in such a way to show some sideboob for the shot.

The model posed next to a large vehicle with the door open. She faced her left shoulder to the camera and stood with her left knee propped out. Bruna glanced over with a flirty expression on her face. Her lips were slightly parted in a small smile. Plus, her pose emphasized not just her chest but also her bare derriere.

Meanwhile, the bombshell wore her hair down in a middle part. Her roots were visibly getting darker, while her locks were mostly blond with soft waves. Bruna sported a light pink palette for her makeup, along with heavy mascara. She also rocked liner on her lower lids.

Her accessories were also minimal and included rings. Besides that, her Pisces symbol tattoo was also eye-catching. It was right next to her chest on the left side of her body.

The watermark revealed that the image was taken at the Heavyweight Factory by Salomon Urraca Photography. The gym is located in Hollywood, Florida. It’s not surprising that Salomon would be taking photos at the gym because they specialize in fitness photography.

Many fans headed to the comments section to leave their nice messages for Bruna.

“There aren’t many women as beautiful as you,” complimented an admirer.

Others referred to the caption.

“Caption game going strong,” declared a follower.

“You’re dang right about no one being you lol!” exclaimed a fan.

One Instagram user recognized the tattoo artist who completed her horoscope piece. His name is Justin Villalobos, and he is known for his fine line, black-and-gray tattoos.

“@justinvtattoos your job is so hard sometimes,” they joked.

“NEEED MORE,” responded Bruna, to which Justin let her know to visit California again.

Fans will need to wait and see if the bombshell opts for more ink.

In addition, Bruna shared another update several days ago where showed off her bare booty. Except this time, she did so in a skimpy swimsuit. The model was spotted posing at the beach. Her swimsuit was mostly white with black vertical stripes. The design included colorful tropical plants, which decorated her chest. She struck a similar pose with one shoulder facing the camera. She also propped out her left knee and tugged at the bottoms with her left hand.