Cole DeBoer Gushes Over Wife Chelsea Houska On Christmas As She Reveals She Wants Another Baby

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer appear on 'Teen Mom 2'
Chelsea Houska / Instagram

It’s no secret that Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska are very much in love. Recently, Cole took to his Instagram account to gush over his wife and shared a new photo of the couple kissing.

“Merry Christmas! There is nothing left for me to wish for, because I have all I could ever imagine and feel very fortunate and lucky @chelseahouska,” Cole wrote.

The photo showed Cole, who was wearing a red plaid shirt, kissing Chelsea. In the photo, Chelsea was wearing a cream sweater and wore her long red hair down and with some curl in it. Even though the two are sharing a kiss, it is clear that they are smiling and happy to be with one another.

The photo had over 190,000 likes from Cole’s more than 2 million followers. Fans took to the comments to share their thoughts, most commenting that the couple are “goals.”

“Big goals,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter wrote, “Merry Christmas Cole and Chelsea and to your entire family!!!!”

However, it was a comment from Chelsea Houska that caught the attention of many fans.

“That mullet makes me want another baby,” Chelsea wrote on the photo.

Chelsea’s own comment had plenty of its own replies from fans.

Many of the comments were of emoji that were laughing so hard they were crying.

One comment in reply to Chelsea’s read, “you are too funny! But y’all make some cute babies!”

“Yesss have another baby!!!!” another commenter wrote.

While Chelsea may have just been kidding with her comment, she has been open in the past about wanting to have another baby with her husband. The Teen Mom 2 star is already a mom to daughter Aubree as well as her 2-year-old son Watson and 1-year-old daughter Layne. The couple spoke out on the Don’t Tell Mom podcast and revealed that they wanted to add more children to the family.

Before having Layne, the couple had thought they would add two more children to their family. However, it looks like the couple may have changed their minds on how many more kids they want to have.

“Then Layne came and she’s the wildest, feisty tiny little thing. Before we were like ‘Let’s do two more’ but now we’re like ‘Maybe one,'” Chelsea explained on the podcast.

Although the Teen Mom 2 fan favorite couple wants to have more kids, they aren’t adding to their family just yet. Recently, Chelsea shared a picture of a night spent with her friends, revealing that it was the first time that no one in her group was pregnant.