Ballerinas Were ‘Pimped Out’ To Patrons At Bolshoi Dancer, Says Anastasia Volochkova


The Bolshoi theater is one of Russia’s most famous dance halls. But according to former dancer Anastasia Volochkova, the famous theater was actually just a giant brothel. Volochkova claims that ballerinas were “pimped out” to wealthy patrons.

Volochkova claims that female dancers were forced to have sex with wealthy men at the theater. The former dancer told the BBC that General Director Anatoly Iskanov turned the Bolshoi into a “giant brothel.”

Volochkova said: “The girls were forced to go along to grand dinners and given advance warning that afterwards they would be expected to go to bed and have sex. When the girls asked: ‘What happens if we refuse?’ they were told that they would not go on tour or even perform at the Bolshoi theatre. Can you imagine?”

Volochkova, now 37, said that she was propositioned for sex many times during her career at the Bolshoi theater.

The ballerina said: “It mainly happened with the corps du ballet but also with the soloists … Ten years ago when I was dancing at the theater, I repeatedly received propositions to share the beds of oligarchs.”

Iskanov dismissed Volochkova’s accusations saying that he doesn’t comment on “dirt and ravings.”

According to the Daily Mail, Volochkova was fired from Bolshoi Theater in 2003 for being too fat. The ballerina later won a court case against the theater over her firing.

Do you think Anastasia Volochkova is telling the truth about the Bolshoi Theater? Were ballerinas really pimped out to wealthy patrons?

Here’s a video of Volochkova dancing.

This isn’t the only scandal to hit the Bolshoi Theater recently.

Earlier this year artistic director Sergei Filin was attacked with acid. Pavel Dmitrichenko admitted that he was behind the attack but denied knowing anything about the acid.